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Sep 22, 2008 05:43 AM

Gulf Shrimp

I'm wondering is it safe to eat seafood from areas that are prone to hurricanes; especially right after a hurricane has gone through. I used to eat gulf shrimp and Key West shrimp since I live in Texas, but since Katrina I've been sticking to shrimp from presumably more pristine waters like Hawaii. Are seafood farms evem affected by hurricanes? How does it all work?

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  1. Please don't stop enjoying Key West and Gulf shrimp. Shrimp live for less than a year. When there are hurricanes the shrimp move around more, but still eat the same plankton. There are no shrimp sea farms in the Gulf. If you are eating farm-raised shrimp, it is probably imported from Vietnam or Thialand. Texas has one inland farm-raised srhimp farm. But, none in the Gulf. If you want free recipes for Florida shrimp and seafood, go to

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      Don't eat Florida seafood, eat only Texas seafood! Just kidding. I just bought some Florida oysters not more than 90 minutes ago, and was darn glad to get them, shucked 9/19 from Appalacacola, forgive my spelling. Galveston Bay just took a major hit from Ike with lots of Gulf saltwater that is doing the reefs no good, plus docks and processing facilities were also ravaged. Please eat Gulf seafood, there are too many hard working people whose livelihoods depend on consumers. They've been hurt by hurricanes and fuel costs and need your patronage. Hurricanes are a naturally occuring event and the Gulf and bays are actually better off in the long run, it's nothing new, been going on for centuries.

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        What's wrong with Chinese farmed seafood? I thought all the raw sewage and industrial toxic sludge they raise them in were good for our health.

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          So Florida sucks right?...;-)...No, really I just thought that waters after a storm are more "dirty". That's all. If that's not the case then I will eat KeyWest and gulf shrimp because they look AMAZING.