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Sep 22, 2008 02:37 AM

Birthday Dinner for 10-15 in Dallas/Fort Worth

I'm looking for something memorable to do for my 35th birthday, and while I don't want to spend gazillions of dollars, one thing just about all my friends and family appreciate is good food. I don't want anything too dressy, or too expensive - I'm thinking about seeing if I can spring for the whole thing and just have people come - but I want the food to be good. Offbeat would be fine, and they don't necessarily need to have private rooms or anything like that - just be able to handle a table of as many as 15 people without freaking out :) Any suggestions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

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  1. This may be a little more casual for what you have in mind, but I immediately thought of the Stockyards' Love Shack. With the weather taming down, it's a very pleasant setting since the entire eating area is outside. And although the menu is limited to burgers and dogs, there are a couple of chicken brats mixed in.

    See their calendar for live entertainment dates and if your party is so inclinded, after eating you can go next door to the long standing White Elephant Saloon for some boot scooting.

    It's certainly reasonably priced, has really good burgers (by my standards), and has live entertainment (on some nights). I'd most definitely call ahead to see if they would handle your seating requirements. Plus it's located smack in the middle of the Stockyards which has an array of other entertaining venues.

    Other reviews:

    Whatever, enjoy your birthday!

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      Wow I hadn't heard of that place - I don't spend much time in Fort Worth at all, though people are always telling me how much I would like it if I did. Probably a little too casual for what I had in mind, but definitely a place I'm going to put on my list :) thanks for the rec!

    2. Don't know where in Dallas you are located, but if you like Chinese food, then I would highly recommend Yao Fuzi up in Plano. They have a great room that will hold 10-15, their prices are reasonable, and the food is fantastic. No need to get dressed up, but a much more high class atmosphere than your typical Chinese restaurant. If you want to go a little more high end, but fun, I'd check out Sangria's off of Knox/Henderson--great food, fun atmosphere, maybe a little pricey however.

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        Sangria is really good but think it might be hard to go there with more than say 6 people. If you are up for Tapas try Cafe Madrid around the corner (off travis). Consistent food, good Sangria and can definitely handle a big group. It is also less expensive than Sangria. I was just there this past weekend and there were a couple of large groups. The group of 12 i saw in the main dining area looked like they were having a blast.

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          Cafe Madrid sounds like a lot of fun, too!

          I'm so undecided about what I want to drag everyone to -- I'll be taking some of them a little out of their comfort zone, we usually do churrascurrias or something for birthday/celebrations.

          Luckily, I don't have to decide for another couple of months. December birthday. I just figured with holiday parties it would probably be best to decide on a place and get a room reserved if they had one.

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            Thanks for the recommendation :) I emailed Yao Fuzi to ask about their private room and the set price menus. $35-50/person isn't un-doable, if they have a good selection of items.