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Anyone gone yet? It's on Washington Blvd. across from Sakura House (Mar Vista/Culver City?)

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  1. I tried it the other night. Not bad but not really authentic; if that doesn't matter to you, probably worth a try. Menu is a mix of Korean and Chinese, with the odd Japanese touch (e.g. "rolls"). The mandoo were tasty but a bit chewy, the bibimbap was good but a bit sparse on ingredients other than rice. Prices are moderate and there are early and late happy hour specials Monday to Thursday making them even more so. Very friendly staff and attractive in a minimalist way.

    1. I went in November, sadly disappointing. Too much sauce on the Chinese fusion food and the portions were pretty small for the price.

      1. Ya, it was ok. I dont think we'll go back. There was one dish that was good but the rest were just sort of interesting Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese (sp?) fusion dishes.

        1. was there on new years eve, it was not bad really. happy hour special make it work well for us for a quick weeknight dinner. sushi rolls are mainly korean-style, so very busy and big. i'm a japanese-style purist, so it's not for me but my SO loves it... much better than the place across the street and down a block that charges $15 for a 4pc salmon asparagus roll!
          however, i would avoid the veggie tempura, done kaki-age style but cut so large it is just a soggy, undercooked mess.

          1. I actually go to school right down the street (yo san) and I have eaten here a few times. The udon very delicious, really nice broth to it. I keep going back for it. I had the happy hour once with some friends and we ordered a variety of different things, all good. We got seaweed salad, sushi rolls and some kind of fried dumpling thing (sorry cant remember) and the seaweed salad and sushi i favored. The changed chefs before the new year and changed the menu at that time too.

            1. I really like this place. Nice udon, some interesting other dishes, great toasted-rice tea, something different. Nice little cozy dark Asian-modern spot, great place to go for soup when it's cold out.

              1. Soban is no longer there, at least by name... it's now called Sushi and it's touting itself as a Izakaya


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                  however, it has the same ownership and kitchen staff. I will report back once I try.

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                    Interesting. I hope some brave soul will go and try it out and report on it. I'd volunteer, but everytime I get near that area, I end up going to Mariscos Chente.

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                      No way - seriously? This must have been very recent... I think we've been there in the past month. (That said, I probably didn't look up.)

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                        I went over the weekend and it's typical Japanese food done by Korean owners. Food is decent and service is decent but not real Japanes food.

                    2. Been there once and only once! It is the same owners as Wharo on Lincoln.