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Sep 21, 2008 10:07 PM

home style southern restaurant featured on cbs sunday morning

several years ago a home-style restaurant was featured on CBS sunday morning(I think)
If I remember correctly it was in georgia, and in a home or converted home.
Does anyone remember anything like it?

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  1. Do you remember any other details? Architectural features, menu specialties, rural or urban location....

    Was service "family style" - all the dishes on platters at a communal table, or perhaps on a built-in lazy susan? There are a number of these places, but those sorts of details will help in tracking it down!

      1. Could it be Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah?

        1. The Smith House in Dahlonega, GA, maybe?

          1. The Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle, GA is in a converted home and serves home-style food as well.

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              I believe it was rural, in a sort of homey looking building, possibly an actual home. If I remember it was pretty out of the way, and a multi generation operation.
              Smithhouse looks lovely...but it was a much smaller more humble house.
              Thanks for all the good suggestions! They will be great on our trip.
              Also looking for Mississippi Delta suggestions!