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Near Battery Park: For my 17 year old nephew

My 17 year old nephew is taking a date to the statue of liberty... their first NYC date, they live in the burbs... he wants a place to go for lunch... any ideas that are teen friendly and not too expensive? it will be on Columbus day... thanks...

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    1. Definitely Adrienne's Pizza Bar. It is good, inexpensive, nr Battery pk (on Stone St) and teen friendly.

      1. There is a Rubin's Empanadas also, if we want to be more international. The food is OK. They microwave them to heat them up. Also if the farmers market is open at Bowling Green, he should stop and get each of them Jelly Donuts. They are the best. (I think it its the second stall from the left)

        1. You can tell your nephew to take the free downtown shuttle called Connection (it has a big NN sign on the silver shuttle) on Battery Place and it goes to winter garden at the World Financial Center. There he can bring his date to PJ Clarke's for burgers and fries or Southwest for Tex Mex. The best thing is that they have outdoor seating facing the river.

          Going at noon he will be facing a business crowds from the offices. Go after 1:30 and he can enjoy a great leisure lunch with his date (and can shop and walk around WFC).

          The Connection shuttle also goes to South Street Seaport which is close to Stone St, and Adrienne's Pizza suggested by Jacquelines is a great option as well.

          1. Thanks so much... while embarrassed, my nephew was appreciative...

            1. Southwest NY or Steamer's Landing

              1. if its a nice day Gigino in wagner Park is excellent, low key Italian - and does not require a shuttle, much of a walk, etc. Sit outside in the mid-Oct sun and enjoy the best view of the water in Manhattan. If its raining, adopt Plan B

                1. Chevys Fresh Mex in Battery Park

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                    Chevys offers the same mediocre quality and atmosphere as the mediocre Mexican chain offerings in the OP's 'burbs.

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                      Lily's Chinese is near the movie theatre and near Chevy's. They have bubble teas , a teen favorite

                  2. If your nephew and his girlfriend are more adventurous, I'd suggest going to Chinatown. It is easy to jump on the subway (Canal St. stop) or about a 10 walk from the Path at the World Trade Center. Along Baxter St. there are some great inexpensive Vietnamese places. I'd suggest Thai Son. Summer rolls, spring rolls, grilled beef with lemongrass dishes are good. After take a trip to the Chinese Ice Cream Factory on Mott (I think). Unique flavors that are hard to find in the suburbs (taro, sesame, red bean, green tea, etc).

                    1. You are the kind of Aunt/Uncle one likes to have!

                      I know that the date is passed, but I do hope they had fun roaming around the museum and base of the statue, and then visiting Ellis Island. A full day on a first NYC date for sure, but if the weather cooperated, it should have been fun.

                      Um, so, DID they have fun? Is a repeat coming? Your Chowy advisors need to know.