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Sep 21, 2008 07:06 PM

In the freezer isle, quick meals...

I was wondering what product items are a great staple to have from the freezer isle. More specifically, which frozen products do you tend to always have for a quick and easy meal?

I was looking into getting some frozen dinner meals at hand, at times when I don't feel like making a meal. Are there any good brands for frozen waffles as well? I was able to get a few coupon for a dollar off for Nature's Path products, so I was thinking of using them for delicious waffles as I have a lot of maple syrup at home since I drizzle my oatmeal in it.

Are there are also good brands for meats? I've noticed that President's Choice has frozen angus burgers that sound ever so tasty! I know this topic seems broad. But my freezer is bare to the bones. We only have corn, peas, and ice cubes - I ate all the McCain fries already.

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  1. I really only keep meat and frozen veggies in mine. Occasionally, I'll make so much of something, I know we can't possibly eat it all that week, so I'll freeze the leftovers.

    We do keep Hebrew National hotdogs in there for "emergencies".

    1. I'm not sure about the meats, but I usually have a bag of frozen ravioli and a box of frozen garlic bread in the freezer for a good, cheap, easy meal. I also usually try to keep some frozen spinach on hand for stuffing chix breasts and using for creamed spinach, dip, etc. Frozen pizza never hurts, either, esp. in a pinch. I'm not brand loyal. I will most likely buy what's on sale unless I know I hate it

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        Oh, frozen garlic bread sounds like a great idea!

      2. In terms of President's Choice products for the odd night we don't have time to cook we like their Blue Menu chicken meatballs, we sometimes get the blue menu stuffed chicken breasts, the spinach & ricotta is my fave. Their Roasted Vegetable Lasagna is pretty good too. The kids like the PC mini chef chicken burgers and hamburgers (both of which are the right size for me). Natures Path just took over the other brand (who's name escapes me) of organic waffles Superstore sells... we like any that don't have spelt (kids won't touch it) These days though I make my own and freeze them in pairs in ziploc bags... something you can do on the weekend just by doubling the batch you make for breakfast/brunch. I also like the Stahlbush line of frozen veggies and fruit Superstore carries in their "Natural" aisle...and the Europe's Best branch they carry I use to make blueberry muffins quite often - Europe's Best fruit is in the same freezer as the juice concentrates though.

        In keeping with the fact that this is the Home Cooking Board - one easy weeknight dinner(assuming dinner for two) straight from the freezer/pantry is:

        2 servings pasta, cooked however you like it (I always make extra for lunches but I'm cooking for 5)
        1/2 jar of your fave pasta sauce. I like PCs Organics line...
        1 dozen chicken meatballs (believe it or not they do best in the microwave)

        ~ to fancy it up and make sure you get your veggies make a salad with baby spinach or romaine, and whatever add-ins and dressing you like (I make the salad while the water boils & pasta cooks) and dinner is on the table in maybe 15 minutes.

        Hope that helps :)

        1. i keep tandoori nan from our indian store and garlic nan from trader joe's. also stuffed flatbread - aloo parathas. in a pinch makes a decent meal with a yoghurt raita. also chicken jalapeno sausage from trader joes again and frozen spring rolls from costco.

          1. I usually keep Trader Joe's frozen roasted corn and frozen veggie potstickers in the freezer. I heat up some of their Soy/Ginger broth, add the corn and potstickers and call it dinner.
            I also stock up on their frozen oatmeal for snacks or breakfast.
            Since I'm a household of one, I usally stock the freezer with soups, chilis and stews that I make so that I have a variety of things to chose from.
            Also...there are many resources online for Once a Month Cooking where you spend a day stocking up your freezer with homemade meals to reheat later.

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              Never heard of Once a Month Cooking - that sounds great. I'm actually looking into that right now with the help of Google. Thanks for sharing!

              Wikipedia is breaking it down to:
              * Saved food resources. Buying what is needed and preparing it into a finished dish right away rather than losing track of it or losing it to spoilage
              * Saved energy. Cooking several dishes at once means less pre-heat time and better use of the energy that is being consumed
              * Saved money. Having a ready supply of finished meals makes it less tempting to eat out because "you're just too tired to cook"

              Frozen oatmeal? Thanks!

              1. re: shdiep

                Recipezaar also had some great OAMC info. One kind soul has even listed her step by step instructions for the whole weekend that she does the cooking:

                Trader Joes frozen oatmeal is one of my favorite things! When you reheat it, you get oatmeal that tastes alot more like slow cooked oatmeal than the mush that is instant. It's got a great taste and the texture is wonderful. There's still a bite to the oats.

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                I'll second the potstickers. I usually buy them at Costco or Whole Foods. I like the Ling Ling chicken and vegetable. I toss their dipping sauce and make my own with season rice vinegar, a touch of soy, sliced scallions, lots of pickled ginger and a dash of toasted sesame oil.

                I prep them in peanut oil and enjoy them crispy on one side-- pillowey on the other.