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Sep 21, 2008 05:59 PM

Is there a listing of special local events?

I admit I"m a bit of newbie, but i thought that there would be a real benefit of something like a spreadsheet that lists, by state, by date, all the local foody things (State Fairs, local church "thingys", Town/County Festivals, etc? Weblinks, if available, could be provided.

I have to admit that on here, I find a lot of these that make me salivate, but most of them are in the "review" past! I'd rather know what's coming up in the next few weeks

Anyone else feel this way?

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  1. A big problem. Unless there's a printed press release from a very reputable source, announcements of events have to be fact-checked. That takes much time and money (especially of you're talking international), and a free service has nowhere near the people and income to do that. There are people around who think it's hilarious to put out fake press releases. I've had experience in the field.

      1. The only site I've come across with this kind of info is:

        Local newspaper sites will, if you're lucky, publicize events online with links to the appropriate web site (where You can be the fact double checker).

        Unfortunately, my local paper decided to outsource 'entertainment' to some generic website-with-no-clue. Local festivals have even more reason to maintain their own website and Trust To Google.

        Searching your local CH board may or may not be helpful. Those locations covered in 'Elsewhere In America' may not get much coverage...