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Sep 21, 2008 05:15 PM

making minis - cookies & cakes

i bought small cookie cutters and 4.5" springform cake pans.

what types of cookies hold shape well? i've been thinking of these (below) but maybe there are more creative ideas?
sugar cookies

can i bake regular cakes in springform cake pans? since so many cake recipes fit 2x 9" cake pans, i was thinking of using cupcake recipes and making mini layer cakes. has anyone done that? is there anything i need to be aware of in choosing a recipe for these pans? i guess i would have to watch cooking time closely and only fill 2/3 of the way w/batter?

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  1. I'm not sure about baking mini layer cakes in springform pans... I don't think you'd need a cupcake recipe though since most cake recipes can be baked in a number of different size pans (thinking back to when I was a kid using cake mixes and the chart on the back) there is a pan conversion chart, and a wealth of other handy info at Baking 911:

    As for cookies, I've done those you've listed, as well as oatmeal chocolate chip and a chocolate cookie similar in texture to a gingersnap(for making homemade oreos). Usually for cookies both time and temp need to be lowered.

    HTH :)

    1. I've started making six-inch layer cakes instead of eight- or nine-inch layers. For each regular recipe of cake, I get two tall six-inch cakes, and then I slice one into layers and freeze the second cake. This works out well for when there's just a small group, and a standard-size cake would just sit around.

      Like this:

      How mini are the cookies you're talking about? I often make cookies smaller than recommended in the recipes. Mostly you have to pay attention to the cooking time, so they don't dry out.

      1. As using a springform pan goes for cake batter, it can leak out of the sides so make sure to wrap the outside w/ aluminum foil. You can also use tuna fish cans for mini layer cakes, just make sure to clean well (or other tin cans). As maplesugar said, you don't need a special recipe for cupcakes for it. Mini cakes are fun but it's as much work frosting a little cake as a large cake. I thought it would be fun to make little mini wedding cakes for my daughter's birthday party and it was time consuming (though cute).

        The cookies you've listed sound fine for little cookies. Just make sure to watch them closely in the oven.

        1. maplesugar - thx. that conversion chart does help but it doesn't have pans quite as small as these but i can use that info to get a rough estimate.
          i just made those homemade oreos this weekend! very easy. good point on lowering the temp too! (i'm new to baking...)

          Chocolatechipkt - love that cake! cookie size would be approx 1 1/2" i've found out about a few names for the cookie types that might go well including since they hold their shapes: slice and bake cookies, icebox and sables. any recs for recipes please?

          chowser- thx again - always a great help! i baked a 2 layer chocolate cake in a large can the other day. it was nice but the sides of the cake were very dry. looks like we're going to have tuna in the house this week! : ) what recipe would u use for your mini cakes?

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            Thanks! Sables would be good--and the ones I've made have been slice and bake, so all you'd have to do is make narrower rolls of cookie dough (while making sure not to overwork the dough, to keep the sandy texture). I also have a great slice and bake recipe from my grandmother, for oatmeal-walnut cookies, that's great and would work with smaller rolls. Just don't cook them quite as long. Oh, and meringue kisses -- you can pipe them whatever size you want, though the flip side is that you will end up with about a million tiny meringues, lol.

            Here are some tiny pb sandwich cookies I made (w/link to recipe):


            Oatmeal crunchies:

            I also make the Barefoot Contessa (plain or pecan) in smaller-than-suggeested sizes.

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              I think your PB recipe is genius, and they look delicious!

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              I'd just use your favorite recipe but watch the cakes closely, and follow cupcake times. If you want a good cupcake recipe, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes are great. The frosting is good and easy to work with.


              Or, I'd consider making a ganache frosting and pour it over the cakes. Easier than frosting.

            3. Why not bake your cake in a jelly roll pan. Then take a large round cookie/biscuit cutter and make the layers. Keep the bits and pieces for trifle.