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Sep 21, 2008 04:46 PM

crepes in the raleigh area?

anywhere to get these in the triangle?

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  1. There is a little food court kind of place at Cary Crossroads shopping center. It's called Coffee and Crepes. It serves coffee and crepes. Who would have guessed?

    They have both meal crepes and dessert crepes. The workers are the usual high school and college kids (Almost all female... Interesting hiring decision!) rather than chefs.

    Quality is fast-food typical. Not recommended for a quality crepe-themed dining experience, but if you are really desperate at least they make them fresh rather than reheating frozen concoctions. Served on disposable plastic plates.

    Sigh. I miss Crepe Daniel in Saratoga, California.

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      thanks for the rec, klmonline. i just tried coffee and crepes. just as you described. though i have to say it's nice they have gluten-free crepes (made of buckwheat). i wouldn't go out of my way, but like you said, if you are craving it, it is ok. i really want to try rue cler in durham, thanks for the rec, lulusmom.

    2. Not Raleigh, but Rue Cler in Durham has crepes - dessert kind and, at least at brunch (and maybe lunch?) savory. I also noticed a sign outside of Pagget Station in Carrboro saying they now serve crepes. Please let us know if you find someplace great.

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        lulusmom--i finally went to rue cler! they do have crepes on the brunch menu, savory and sweet. i had asparagus with chevre and tomato sauce. absolutely delicious. the asparagus was cooked just right, slightly crisp. the tomato sauce was light and flavorful. very pleased. they also had duck confit crepes but were out of them today. i recommend rue cler for crepes and also for the yummy beignets and croque monsieur.

        1. re: lawyerlady

          So glad you were pleased. They're a big favorite with us (along with those beignets). I just wish that place didnt' constantly run out of stuff on the menu (they do it even within 20 minutes of opening ... inventory control problems). But I'm still a big fan.

        1. re: fussycouple

          yes i looked up the brunch menu and they do have crepes. thanks!!