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Sep 21, 2008 04:31 PM

Zpizza - has anyone tried it?

A ZPizza just opened up near me here in nor-Cal. I have had a couple of their different slices of pizza (they have a great lunch special with different slices) and really loved it - actually kinda hooked on it. The pizza is definitely a different kind of pizza with lots of interesting combinations - I love the mexican.

Wondering what others think of it?

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  1. One opened walking distance to our house last year, and I also coincidentally work next to one. I like them. I love the two slice and a drink special for $5.95. I haven't delved very deep into their menu as I just usually order slices of whatever veggie pizza they have ready. I do like the fact they have lots of offerings without red sauce which I"m not terribly fond of.

    We normally make pizza at home but for something quick and inexpensive like Zpizza a lot more than the other any of the other pizza chains.

    1. I think they're ok and definitely fill a niche in the fast-food pizza market -- slotting in somewhere between the Pizza Huts of the world and California Pizza Kitchen.

      ZPizza sort of reminds me of the pizza version of Chipotle.