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Sep 21, 2008 03:09 PM

How to pack laksa to take to work?

Every week I make a pot of soup to bring to work for lunch. This week I am making a vegetarian laksa, with coconut-curry broth, rice vermicelli, fried tofu and vegetables (I'll be using bean sprouts, carrots and snow peas). How should I pack it to bring to work? I'm thinking broth in a Thermos and the other stuff all packed together in a Tupperware container? Or should I put everything in the Thermos? I want the vegetables to be somewhere between crisp and soggy- should I blanch them first or something? I haven't seen any recipes for make-ahead laksa!

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  1. think like pho takeout

    broth in one container, the rest in another.
    i would blanch the veg. but i also avoid eating laksa for lunch because it makes me smelly......

    (not judging! my hair is like a sponge)

    1. I agree with dumpycactus, the spongy-haired nonjudgmental one...

      -Bring liquid in one microwavable container, hopefully allowing for room to add other ingredients.
      -Preblanch veggies and put in seperate container along with bean sprouts

      -Fried tofu - is it the prefried stuff? If so, it can probably go into the veggie container. If you're frying it, of course you want to let it cool before stowing it in anything.

      -The rice vermicelli could probably go into a plastic bag if you don't have room in the veggie container.

      When you get to work, I guess it's going in the fridge...

      When it's time to eat,
      -Slowly preheat laksa broth in microwave until it gets slightly hotter than you'd like.

      -Place vermicelli in hot broth, check temp after gently stirring and tempering the vermicelli, and reheat slowly if needed. It should still be hotter than you'd eat it at.

      -Check temp again - add tofu and veggies and gently stir to temper veggies and tofu.

      -Add bean sprouts last.

      -Burp outside after finishing or lose a couple of paygrades...

      1. I like bulavinaka's approach.

        Jetgirly, might you be willing to share your laksa recipe?

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        1. It's from a UK cookbook called New Vegetarian, and I think the recipe is somewhere on a BBC site as well. It called for pumpkin, but I used different veggies.