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Sep 21, 2008 02:35 PM

What to do with extra hominy/posole?

I'm making Pozole Verde for dinner tonight, so last night I soaked a pound of dried Rancho Gordo posole/hominy. I cooked it up this morning, and was expecting to have a little extra, but didn't realize quite how much I'd end up with.

The only recipe I have for hominy is Pozole, but I don't really want to make 3 batches, since each one could feed a crowd.

Any suggestions on what to do with the rest?

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  1. In Ecuador hominy is called mote, and is eaten in many ways. Here for example is a mote and eggs scramble
    It is also fried in the fond left over from making carnitas or roast pork
    It can be added to other soups, in the same you might add beans, pasta, or rice.

    1. One of my comfort food dishes: hominy bake. Layer hominy, mild green chiles (cooked or canned Anaheim, jalapeno, etc.; my mom used canned Ortega chiles), crema mexicana (substitute crème fraîche, sour cream or heavy cream) in a baking dish, salting as you go along. Top with grated Monterrey Jack. Bake in a medium oven until piping hot, 30-40 minutes. Serve immediately as a side dish to roasted or grilled meat or fowl.

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        I love hominy, reconstituted or canned. This sounds great and I hope to try it as soon as it gets just a bit cooler. Ninety today. Thanks for posting. Hominy is a wonderful comfort food, isn't it?

      2. Any of the above, and there's no hurry - if you pack it tightly with as much of the air squoze out as possible, it freezes well. If you don't have one of those vacuum devices, just put some water in the bag, and then squash it all down while you zip it shut. Try to use this year sometime.

        1. Yep I was gonna say it freezes well, too. So you can save it for your next batch of pozole.

 could eat it as a snack...mix some butter, lemon juice, a pinch of chili powder, cumin powder, black pepper, and salt and dress the hominy with this. Yum!

          1. Mix it with some black beans and cooked chicken as a stuffing for a baked Tamal en Cazuela. I sometimes make tamalon 'jelly roll' style and put them in a husk-lined loaf pan to bake.