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Sep 21, 2008 01:51 PM

Centre V -- Vail. Anyone Been There?

Surely someone has been to this fairly new place in Vail, but I have searched on this board and can't find anything. I have seen a couple of reviews on other boards, but nothing I would trust. How about it? Any of you trustworthy Chowhounds been there?

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  1. Wow, never even heard of it, where is it located?

    1. DD, I'm waiting for you to try it. :>) Robyn, its at the gondola side of the Arabella. I don't get to Lionshead except during ski season, so will try it later this winter.

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      1. re: BlueOx

        Ah, yes that's why I haven't seen it, I'm never in Lionshead in the summer either.

        1. re: BlueOx

          I just read a post on another board that says Thomas Salamunovich (sp) is the "creator" of Centre V. I don't think I had heard that. I know from BlueOx that he's the guy behind Avondale, but hadn't heard this about Centre V. Does anyone (Phil?) know the skinny?

          1. re: ddavis

            From what I understand Thomas more or less consulted. His "Savory Group" created the concept with Rock Resorts. Sorry not much feedback on the restaurant itself... they've already gone through one Exec Chef.

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              Well, I'm planning to be up there next weekend and looking for something for breakfast Friday and Saturday so maybe we'll head over here just to check it out.

              1. re: Carmelizedbunions

                I have heard that Salamunovich was asked to "consult" and that he did so for a very brief period of time, but decided he was wasting his time because the folks he was consulting for took none of his suggestions. I have a reservation there tomorrow night. Will report.

              2. re: ddavis

                I'm noticing some confusion about whether or not Thomas Salamunovich is involved with Centre V and as a close friend of his, maybe I can set the record straight. Salamunovich is the owner of Larkspur, Larkburger, and Avondale. He helped Vail Resorts come up with the concept and design of Centre V, but isn't managing it. I'm pretty sure Rock Resorts is handling the day to day operations.

            2. I was coming on to post for Vail recs myself, we are heading up in a week. Any dinner recommendations?

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              1. re: SeattliteChower

                Sounds like we'll be there at the same time. If you do a search here there are many threads but off the top of my head, highly recommended by me or others Dish, Ti Amo, Larkspur, Sweet Basil, Larkburger, Splendido, Kelly Liken, Campo di Fiori and the list goes on. Here's a thread for reference to start you off.


                1. re: SeattliteChower

                  By all means, go to Larkspur. We had another fabulous meal there last night.