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Sep 21, 2008 01:41 PM

Thanksgiving in NYC

Going to be in New York for Thanksgiving with my family.

Looking for restaurants that do good Thanksgiving dinners

price not an issue

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  1. If you want to go all out, look into EMP. For quite a lot less, Craft served my family and I a lovely t-giving meal last year.

    For a more comprehensive listing, check here:

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      I know there are more restaurants than those listed on Open Table for that day. All of the hotel affiliated restaurants are open (usually with 3 or 4 seatings) as well as a number of top places like EMP. Pick a few favorites and start calling around. BTW, fewer are open for Thanksgiving than for Christmas, but there are still a lot. Remember having a wonderful TG dinner at the Four Seasons a few years back.

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        I had dinner at EMP, last time I was in new york, it was fantastic. That being said, I'm looking for something with a little less formal, louder and better atmosphere

      2. I have been going to Fresca for the past 3 years for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It is so good that I almost dont miss T-giving dinner at home! They have a great price fixed Thanksgiving menu that allows you to order the standards of stray off the traditional course. It really is a fabulous meal. I highly suggest looking into this option.

        1. My family has found that Thanksgiving is such a personal thing with partucular menu favorites that you probably will not get anything just like grandma used to make in any restaurant. Keep that in mind. Having said that, we had a spectacular dinner at The River Cafe. The atmosphere and the food were great. We also tried the Carlyle. It was absolutely packed with families and the funnest part was going into Bemelman's afterwards for a night cap and a sing along with the piano player.


            Nymag has great suggestions but I'll second Sylvia's and Freeman's, for more traditional

            1. I've heard that Daniel does an awesome Thanksgiving.

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                Start at the St Regis for a cocktail, ask the bartender to make you a milk punch. After a few drinks walk over to the Four Season RESTAURANT for dinner, when you make a reservation, tell the person you want to sit in the front room. The seasons does a great job for Thanksgiving!
                After dinner, head to a hotel bar or club Macanado for a night cap and/or cigar.