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Sep 21, 2008 01:18 PM

Lasagne Bolognese at LIDL

For those of you who have a chance to shop at a LIDL store, I highly recommend the pre-made lasagne bolognese they sell under the Dulano label. It is stocked in the refrigerated foods section. It is very, very good.

I have found most of the foods sourced in Italy at LIDL (usually sold under the Dulano label) to be quite good.

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  1. Thanks, David. I pop into my local LIDL once in awhile and will give the Italian things a try. I'm in love with their German frankfurters now, and the pork chops are good quality for the money, too. Sadly, the frankfurters have gone up in price to £1.10 instead of £.99 for 10. :-)

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    1. re: zuriga1

      I also like the thinly sliced, smoked salami they sell.

      1. re: DavidT

        My husband is a big fan of their sliced meats, and also Aldi's. And their smoked cheese - I personally dont like it but he loves putting them together in sandwiches - reminds him of Germany i think

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          That's the one I went in and bought after your recc! But was a bit confused as I couldn't see Dulano on the label....anyway really enjoyed it although I hate to guess how many cals it has...(don't tell me!)

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            the Lidl smoked trout is delicious and I always go there for parmesan and proscutto. Have a £4.99 lobster in my freezer now from Lidl.

        2. I'm Italian and that is a form of blasphemy!

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            Not sure I understand the problem. I do believe the Lasagne Bolognese that Lidl sells is made in Italy. What is blasphemous about that?

            1. re: DavidT

              Great find DavidT. I made a special trip to Lidl to get one (and some lobsters for a Christmas lobster bisque).It's absolutely delicious and great value. Made in France though, not that it matters.

          2. To make my maiden post. I thought I would like to add my faves...

            Gorgonzola and chorizo from Lidl tastes great and its pretty cheap compared to elsewhere.

            I think Lidi is very underrated as so long you don't expect the well known brands much of the range is worth buying.

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              I've got a lobster in my freezer from Lidl too - mine only cost be £1.99 though! They had priced them up wrong on the freezer. Charged me £4.99 at checkout, but had to sell me it at £1.99 when I showed them the ticket on the freezer!