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Looking for kitchen supply store

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Hi all,

I've just moved to the fair city of Boston, well, Brookline really, and am looking for places to buy kitchen supplies. By supplies, I mean little things like salad spinner, knives, plates/glasses, etc. It'd be best if these were nearby, or at least on the Green line! Also, I'm not a fan of chains like Williams-Sonoma as I find them unbelievably overpriced, but am more of a fan of mom-and-pop stores and larger restaurant supply stores. Searching the CH boards hasn't been very helpful, so I'd appreciate any info you all may have.

Also, we will soon be in the market for larger appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher, etc) and would appreciate any help in that department too! In this case, I find that the best price and quality trumps any other factors I may have considered for the above and so don't mind going to Best Buy if I have to!

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Not in your neighborhood, but the Linens N Things on Middlesex Tpke in Burlington is
    going to shut down and is having a clearance sale. They have lots of kitchen items.

    1. For part of what you're looking for, check out Bowl & Board - there's one in your town: http://www.bowlandboard.com/ OR check out China Fair on Mass Ave. in Cambridge: http://chinafairinc.com/

      For things like dishes and flatware, if either of the above don't have what you're looking for, I'd check out Bed, Bath & Beyond (have always found their selection to be better than L&T).

      For restaurant supply stores, check this earlier CH link: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/367643

      1. you might try kitchen arts, in the back bay, for the kitchen gadgets.

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          Second Kitchen Arts. We get our knives sharpened there as well.

        2. Yale Electric for appliances.

          Just before you go over the bridge to Charlestown from the North End, there's a restaurant supply store on right.

            1. There are 2 kitchen supply stores in/around Chinatown. There's a small shop on Lincoln and Beach..advantage is it's proximity to Hei La Moon where I had some awesome dim sum last week..:) and a larger store on Harrison and Beach.

              There's an Asian focus to some items but plenty of general interest items at great prices.

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                I second the Chinatown stores. For supplies, they really should be the first place you look, since you mention the restaurant supply stores. Everywhere else mentioned is more expensive. Even the outlets are more expensive, although outlet stores do *occasionally* have true bargains.

              2. Sur la Table in Chestnut Hill Mall.

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                  Sur la Table is my favorite place! Sales are great there too.

                2. Consider a trip down I-95 to the Wrentham Premium Outlets if you have a long list of kitchen stuff, dishes, etc. - there is a Williams-Sonoma there and several other kitchen stores with decent prices. China Fair is another good choice for basics. I've had really good luck at Tags (part of Ace Hardware) in Porter Square as well, and like Bowl and Board, but find it pretty pricey for what it is.

                  I much prefer Sears to Best Buy for appliance shopping, purchasing, and delivery. Cambridgeside Galleria seems to have the most helpful, least annoying sales people (Burlington sales people are nearly unbearable to me even though it's much closer). They often have real sales (always have "sales", too) at Sears and their delivery service has been good (and fast) every time for appliances.

                  Don't bother with Sozio (Revere and Cambridge, at least) for anything.

                  Wolcott in Arlington is really nice, but really small and seems to have to order whatever you want vs. just delivering it within a few days like Sears does.

                  1. Although I love my Bed and Bath and Linens and Things 20% discount coupons, I also really like China Fair in Newton and Cambridge for things like Winco pots and pans, lids, little gadgets, wine glasses, baskets, etc. It's also fun to browse the Chinatown stores that 9lives mentioned, and then reward yourself for your hard work with lunch afterwards. Otherwise, most of the larger restaurant supply stores that I've been to seem to have fairly high prices for the general public.

                    As far as appliances go, I second the Yale Appliance in Boston recommendation. (On Saturdays, they often have someone preparing food on their appliances...a bonus!) To give you some bargaining edge, also check out Jarvis on Rte. 9 in Wellesley. You can negotiate prices, delivery fees, etc. if they know you are looking elsewhere. Both have higher-end appliances, but can order just about anything you want. I personally think you're better off going to one of these places rather than a larger chain.

                    Welcome to Boston!

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                      Yale has been very good over the years. Check if they still offer a larger discount if you buy 3 or more items on their charge card.

                      I also second the Concord Shop below and you have the bonus of exploring Concord. There is a great cheese shop next door.

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                        China Fair....
                        I've always liked the one in Newton more; it's about a ten minute walk from the Newton Highlands stop on the green line...

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                          Galleygirl, on behalf of the carfree in the crowd, thank you for the note on the green line location. I've wanted to get to China Fair to pick up food photo props but I was waiting until I had transportation.

                          Now, where should I have lunch in that area when I go?

                          1. re: BostonZest

                            BostonZest, if you go to the Newton location, you might want to check out the Farm Grill and Rotisseria, a cafeteria-style Greek place just up the street at 40 Needham St. Good gyros, lots of other choices.

                            1. re: bear

                              I heartily concur with Bear on the Farm Fresh Grille and Rotisserie. You can't do better!

                              As for food photo props, they import their own line of Chinese white porcelain, in lots of square and graphic shapes that are way cool for food presentation. I use them for demos all the time.

                              1. re: galleygirl

                                Thanks to both of you. I now have an afternoon adventure planned!

                                1. re: BostonZest

                                  Also, China Fair in Cambridge is about a 5 minute walk from the Porter Sq T station. I haven't been to the Newton one so I can't compare offerings.

                      2. The Concord Shop, in Concord center is an independently owned wealth of odd kitchen supplies- great for browsing, had more cookie and biscuit cutters than anywhere else. I was looking for hamburger bun size cutters and had not been able to find them anywhere- lo and behold, 4 different options at the Concord Shop...

                        1. I agree with the Sears rec for appliances and good sales. For interesting plates, glasses, etc., I love Pier 1 Imports, and believe there's one on Beacon St. in Brookline. Linens N Things and Bed and Bath are good for a wider, but more generic selection.

                          1. A nice independently owned kitchen store is Gadgets in Jamaica Plain. The Orange Line and #39 bus go there. The Green Line does not go all the way to JP. Gadgets is a crazy, overstuffed shop with all kinds of fun stuff to rummage through.

                            1. Unfortunately all the Mom and Pops are long gone but if price is what you are after there is a Bed and Bath right near the Fenway stop on the green line. Bowl and Board is a bit more precious and staff is never friendly.

                              I second Yale Electric and Appliances for the bigger stuff. Great place.

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                                There are still throwbacks to older times with various cookware. Salem St True Value Hardware in the North End (good to combine with a trip to Easter Baker's), the Concord cookware shop mentioned above, Italian stores like Sessa's in Somerville, Latino like La Internacional in Union Sq. I recently mentioned one of the 99c stores on Pleasant in Malden, but there is also the chinese supermarkets (not William Sonoma, but not entirely mom & pop). And China Fair isn't exactly William Sonoma either. Bowl and Board is something else occasionally worth checking out -- most of their stuff is pretty darn expensive, but they do have some oddities that others don't carry. Almost all of this can be done on the T, although its not in Brookline (Concord is a bit harder).

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                                  Oh man, the China Fair in Newton is BEYOND Mom and Pop...30 years ago, I worked at what is now National Tire, but was then the warehouse of "The Lodge at Harvard Square". I used to buy these cute little Polish ceramic mugs and pots there...They still have them, and they're still covered with the same dust and spider webs!

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                                    I think a previous poster is referring to Harbour Supply in the North End. They have break-outs and loose stock of All-Clad at reasonable prices as well as lots of professional well made kitchen necessities. I think you can Google it and find it on North Washington St. a short walk from North Station.

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                                      I think itaunas was reffering to Eastern Bakers Supply in the North End. A great place to buy restaurant quality equipment, better than Harbour in Chelsea. Not an overly friendly staff but they have a very good selection and although they service the trade it is open to the public.