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South American Reds - Pairings?

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Our monthly wine club is tasting South American red wines this week. I'm in charge of the food (appetizers/desserts) - any suggestions or recipes I should pay attention to? Thanks!

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  1. Depends on the Reds. Malbecs are really bold and can hold up to fatty meats. Carmenere is a bit less big and can go well with more delicate meats and veg. For desert I would go for chocolate. Berries and cherries would be fun as well.

    1. Argentinian Malbec with grilled beef. What it's made for.

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        ... with chimichurri!

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          Ditto on the chimi, too.

        2. Apps:
          Hard to go wrong with a Torrontés ( indigenous Argentinean grape from Salta province way north, close to the Bolivian border ).

          Cosecha de Otoño from Weinert, 100% late harvest Sauvignon Blanc, absolutely amazing. Highly recommended. Available in the US.

          OOPS! Sorry, I just noticed the "red" part.
          Oh well... next time you know.