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Sep 21, 2008 11:00 AM

Cooking halibut, looking for "sides" ideas

My wife loves halibut, but I don't cook fish myself very often. I am preparing a nice classic halibut dish (sear roasting, likley with a lemon, caper, butter sauce) tonight. I love to cook, but I have no sense of a good side(s) with the main. I am "sides challenged" in very much the same way as I cannot coordinate my clothes. I want some things that will not overpower the fish. I am a traditonalist who likes at least a starch and a veggie side. I would happy to do a two veg. sides (one hot, one not). We are blessed with wonderful places to get most food items although of course this is Sunday and the farrmersmarkets were only open yesterday. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. How about some oven baked Greek potatoes and some sauteed spinach with a hint of red pepper.

    Recipe for Greek potaotes (just use less garlic-about half as much)

    1. Green beans are nice with pretty much all fish. Cook briefly in boiling water. Then toss with , say, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, and a bit of cracked black pepper. Quality matters with the oil and vinegar!