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Sep 21, 2008 10:37 AM

HELP!!! Has Porky's BBQ stopped serving Golden Bird Fried Chicken?

I haven't gone in a few months, and their website says something about Muggies' Chicken.
There is now no mention of Golden Bird. What is up with that? Also, Dare You to Care chicken now advertises their selling Golden Bird. Has anybody tried it?

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  1. Where is Dare You to Care Chicken?

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      It's called Dare U to Care or D.U.T.C Grill and they have Golden Bird Fried Chicken. They also have great soul food such as gumbo, oxtails, jamabalaya etc. All the employees are people that were down and out and now are learning a trade there.

      I went about 6 months ago and thought the food was great! They were out of gumbo, but the oxtails were delicious! But I thought the mashed potatoes were pretty bad, it may have been an off day. I of course had the fried chicken too.

      The employees are super friendly. There is no decor, but it's the food that counts! They have tables and you can also take out.

      Here is a link from Culinary Detective:

      Here is a link to a menu:

      D.U.T.C. Grill
      14903 Western Ave
      Gardena, CA

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        Awesome! I am gonna try to get there today, what a great place!

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          I've had the Golden Bird fried chicken at D.U.T.C., and it is a little unusual. The batter and frying technique make the skin come out amazing stiff, kind of like a chicken skin helmet. I thought that the skin would be especially great used as a dipper for hummus.

          I'm also nervous about their expansion plans: San Pedro this month? Long Beach by end of year? They already bailed on the Gardena location.

          Porky's BBQ
          801 E Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301

          D.U.T.C. Grill
          14903 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90249

          1. re: DiveFan

            LB already opened up earlier this year.

      2. I just called Porky's, and the lady told me that Muggies is the same chicken. They had to change the name because of some problem with the Golden Bird franchise. (I didn't tell her that if they gave me a shot of Jack Daniels and thirty seconds, I'd come up with a better moniker.)

        So we dodged that bullet, apparently. My main Porky's worry now is that they're opening a third restaurant this month. Let's hope they don't get corporitis expanditus and start greeting people with, "Hi, my name is Aaron!! Have you ever been to Porky's #46 here in Rancho Santa Diamond Bar Hills before?" (That will be another misplaced worry if the lady I spoke to is in charge. She was typical Porky's -- friendly, helpful, and sweet.)

        1. Just got off the phone with Porky's -- I've been a big fan on this board and have recommended it as the best BBQ and definitely the finest value, so I feel some responsibility:

          They say the chicken is still the same, but it was costing them too much to use the name, so they gave up the franchise. Now, whether or not it still tastes the same and has the exact recipe and crunch will have to be determined by tasting.

          The woman answering my call also verified that Porky's still offers a 2-for-1 special on BBQ dinner plate items on Tuesdays all day. With their ribs, brisket, and hot links all offered with choices of sides along with their superlative pulled pork (which is also great as a sandwich, and quite reasonable) this is a fantastic deal.

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          1. re: nosh

            Thanks for the update "nosh." About a month ago I noticed the change to Muggie's and I asked the gal at the counter of Porky's in Inglewood. She just said "it's still the same chicken," and I was too lazy to enquire further. I got a brisket sandwich which was huge so I didn't try the chicken. The reason I was concerned was a Golden Bird place opened up nearby on La Brea (bit south of the Ralph's Inglewood). I noticed not too long ago the new GB place already got a B health department rating. Not good for a relatively new place methinks.

            1. re: nosh

              Thanks for the update nosh. :) Good to know. I'll have to try out their Muggie's Chicken the next time I visit.

            2. I was wondering as I drove by the newer LB location, they changed their sign to say Muggie's Chicken and I thought that meant that they couldn't make it in LB. Well, now I know that I can still try Porky's out here in LB. Oh! and what are their best items? TIA

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                Porky's best item is its pulled pork. It is moist, tender, smoky but not overwhelmingly so, and includes the "bark," the crispy crusty outside charred bits that provide extra flavor and texture contrast. I like their medium-spicy "Bubba" sauce better than the regular mild. Their ribs are also excellent -- I prefer the spareribs to the baby backs. The brisket surprised me -- it looked kinda dark and I feared dry the first times I saw it go by to other tables, but when I finally tried it found out it was tender and moist. I wasn't impressed by their beef ribs and haven't yet tried the links. All sides have been better than usual -- good rich mac'n'cheese, crisp tart cole slaw, good potato salad, and even the fries were good. I'm not much of a beans or greens fan, but friends have liked them.

                1. re: nosh

                  Thanks so far, guys. The Golden Bird website itself has been hard to decipher. It seems that they don't really update their website with accurate information. Does anyone out there know which places (besides DYTC cafe) serve Golden Bird and are actually open for business currently?

                  1. re: nomo_fan

                    The best Golden Bird ive been to recently is the one off vermont just north of the 105 frwy. Does anyone know if they are still opening the Palmdale location?