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Sep 21, 2008 10:33 AM

Next Week in Trenton

Need mid-priced dinner recommendations for three evenings in Trenton area; have never been there before. Interesting, ethnic preferred over continental or steak/seafood

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  1. Where will you be staying and how many minutes are you willing to drive to get to dinner? Is this a business dinner or a vacation dinner? There's a lot of great Italian food in the general area, but if you're going to be in Trenton, I do know there's some very good and very low-priced South American restaurants now - though I have not been able to try them yet myself. Further out from actual Trenton, there are a few good Chinese, Indian and pan-Asian restaurants, among other choices.

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      Papas Tomotoe pies for sure. Chambersburg (Trenton)

      804 Chambers St
      Trenton, NJ 08611
      (609) 392-0359

    2. For a classic Chowhound experience try Trentini's in the Roebling Market. Out front it looks like a government-issue pizza joint but in the back they have a varied Latin American (i.e., NOT Mexican) menu with interesting ceviches, etc. Definitely not a place to go for the atmosphere. BYOB, if you don't mind drinking your wine from tumblers.

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        This sounds really interesting! What's the tamales, empanadas, huarches situation there? And, if they don't serve any there, any other reccos in Trenton for such foods? I realize I'm spanning a wide range of countries in this request...

      2. There are a few good places left in the “burg”. Amici Milano is one . More casual but still good is Rossi’s Bar & Grill that offers a lot more than just a great burger. Both offer excellent Italian food. As another poster noted Papa’s makes a great Trenton thin crust “Tomato Pie”.

        1. For Guatemalan, try Quetzal Restaurant at 1122 Anderson St.

          1. If you have a car LEAVE TOWN. There are no really good places to eat in Trenton any more.