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Sep 21, 2008 10:20 AM

halibut Cheeks

any ideas where to buy halibut cheeks (fresh or frozen) with a hechsher?

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  1. no such thing as kosher halibut cheeks with a hecsher

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    1. re: fishcraver

      If halibut is a kosher fish, why arent the cheeks available with a hecsher? Just really curious.

    2. You're probably going to have a difficult time finding halibut cheeks with a hechsher, since most of the frozen fish is only the most common fish and cuts. You basically have two alternatives:

      1) Go to a kosher fish store, if there's one in your area, and get them to cut you some halibut cheeks.

      2) Go to a non-kosher fish store or a supermarket with an extensive fish section. Follow the directions of your chosen hashgacha organization when it comes to buying fish from a non-kosher fish store. This often involves steps such as bringing your own cutting board and knife, but your rabbi's opinion may vary.

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      1. re: masteraleph

        i happen to work as manger for a kosher fish company in ny. the company is called Ossie's Fish - there is frozen halibut and that usually comes steaked or fillet already but even if you go to a good seafood store- such as ossies fish there halibuts are coming to them from the market without heads. the reason for this is that the cheeks are usualy cut out and ship[ped to californian high end restuarants and then the head is chopped off to its uselessness and extra weight, hence you will not find kosher hakibut cheeks.(maybe in alaska)

        1. re: fishcraver

          So there is a small chance you could maybe find them somewhere. Thanks for clearing that up as i was really confused.