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Sep 21, 2008 10:12 AM

New Czech restaurant in Cary?

I heard there is a new restaurant in Cary that is serving Czech food. Anybody know if this is correct? What is is called? Where it is located?

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  1. I have not heard anything about this! Very exciting though! Anybody???

    1. Yes, there is a new Czech Restaurant in Cary. I have not eaten there yet, but some friends of mine have. It is still in its opening stages, and I don't think it is even complete yet. It is located in down town Cary in what use to be an Italian restaurant. I will post again when I have the exact address.

      1. I found this information about the restaurant:

        "Right now they have a limited Czech menu as they are taking over an Italian restaurant. They'll close next month for remodeling and will then open with a full menu.

        But for now, you can order great Czech soups, about 4 varying entrees and even palacinky. They have Czech beer as well.

        The address is:

        200 S Academy St
        Cary, NC

        The restaurant is called Vespa right now - leftover from the Italian restaurant. They'll change the name once they reopen.

        They are open for lunch and dinner."

        Can't wait to try it!

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          Wow, I didn't realize Vespa had closed. That's right behind Ashworth Drugs.

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            I guess kolaches would be too much to wish for.

          2. Yes, it is authentic Czech food according to one of the members of the Culinary Historians of North Carolina. She had the potato balls or dumplings, something like that....anyway they were stuffed with ham and bacon and she said they were delicious! She and her daughter plan to return.

            They're located in the same building where Vispa, across from the Post Office.
            I hope to try them out next week.

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              I ate there last night and it was delicious!! I highly recommended it. Their website is My husband and I went to the Czech Republic for our honeymoon so we can vouch for the food - I had the stuffed potato dumplings and my husband the goulash. Can't wait to go back.