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Sep 21, 2008 09:47 AM

Ragazzi (Pizza Boys)

This is Edmonton, I forgot to add that too the title (sorry)

I finally made it to Ragazzi and was quite impressed. It is very, very good thin crust pizza. I had the Bronx (salami, another meat, black olives and fresh tomatoes, maybe green pepper too) and my son ordered ham and bacon.

The Bronx was good but the simpler ham and bacon was outstanding. I think it was because one could really appreciate the crust and the great tomato sauce more without so many toppings. Also this is not cheese heavy which is a nice change.

What other combos have folks tried? Favourites?

Anyone tried any of the pastas?

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  1. Where? And why is it so difficult to specify location to so many posters here?

    1. Thanks pengcast...since your OP was 20 minutes ago I think we can forgive you ;)

      I did a quick google since I'm always up for good pizza, especially thin crust and came up with Ragazzi in Vancouver, Seattle, then Edmonton. Your reference to Pizza Boys and previous Edmonton posts was the reason I figured I had the right one.

      For the benefit of the folks at home who *ahem* may not have had their coffee yet here are the particulars:

      Pizza Boys-Ragazzi Bistro Italiano

      8110 82 Avenue NW
      Edmonton, AB T6C 0Y4
      (780) 414-0500

      1. I love the spaghetti carbonara. Simple but full of flavour. My fiance loved their lasagna.
        We used to live a block from Pizza Boys; oh how I miss them so.

        Pics from 2006 here: http://ugonnaeatthat.com/2006/06/24/e...

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          alau2: is that a realy spaghetti carbonara or an alfredo sauce with ham or bacon added?

          1. re: cleopatra999

            It really was a spaghetti carbonara! I had it a few times there... Have they changed it?

            1. re: alau2

              I have not been there. I just find it difficult to find a REAL carbonara with the egg
              'sauce'. I am going to have to try now. do you need reservations on a weekend?
              do they have decent vegetarian options?

              1. re: cleopatra999

                Have you tried downtown Sicilian Pasta Kitchen their cabonara is to die for.

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  I have been quite a few times only to find a long wait. There are not that many tables, maybe 6-9 depending on how they are set up. A reservation wouldn't hurt.

                  1. re: cleopatra999

                    I haven't been there in two years, but I swear (ok 85% sure) that I liked their carbonara because it was a real egg sauce and not a gloppy white cheesy sauce.

                    Don't really know about their vegetarian options, sorry.

                    It's a pretty laid-back place and quite busy on weekends, so reservations would help.

            2. Have tried about 4 different varieties of pizza and all have been delicious. The ingredients are definitely all high quality, although we paid 50 bucks for 2 medium pizzas delivered on Friday, which does seem a little steep.

              Mind you, I'm coming from Ontario where every pizza joint has a "walk in special" less than $10 and in some cases as low as $5.99.

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              1. re: egon61

                Yeah, but if Eddy is still doing deliveries (we moved away a while back, so I'm not sure), that's worth 5 bucks entertainment right there.

              2. I was just back to Edm and had Ragazzi's Penne Arrabiatta - excellent as usual. I'm a vegetarian and have always been pleased with the veg offerings, both pizza and pasta, at Ragazzi. I saw Eddy there, so yes he is still around. It's nice that the boys still remember me, too, or maybe just speaks to how long and how much I've eaten there.