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Sep 21, 2008 09:26 AM

home delivery from SAQ

I've been thinking about getting some wine delivered to my door, since it is more efficient than say going through 8 different outlets or the burbs to get the wines I would like to try and usually there is some promotion to offset the delivery charges; however I have a concern: The weather is getting cooler, so this is becoming less of an issue, but do they use temperature controlled vehicles, or do wines sit on a hot truck and almost boil for the whole day before they are delivered? Has anyone have good/bad experience with this service?

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  1. Well, I don't know if they're refrigerated, but they deliver wine by trucks to restaurants, and I've never had any problems with wine being overheated.

    1. I've always been under the impression that the SAQ delivers through Canada Post. Do they have another delivery option?

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        Pretty sure that's right. " delivers exclusively in Quebec through Canada Post."

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          Yes, they indeed use Canada Post. I guess it would be naive to assume that Canada Post tries to make their trucks more wine friendly.

        2. They are indeed using Canada Post, normal postal trucks, nothing more.

          We've ordered quite a few times from and since you can choose which moment of the day you want the delivery, we chose morning, so less time sitting in the truck

          1. As others have said, it is indeed Canada Post. I've done this a few times and never had any trouble, but do follow a couple of rules:

            - no orders between May and September
            - try to time order to avoid having the parcel spend a weekend in a postal station -- this means not ordering Wednesday/Thursday, maybe Friday morning too.

            I'm not sure I was always successful with the second rule, but it worked out fine anyway.

            Another thing: if you're planning to spend a fair bit of money, inform yourself about the date of the next promo. Even when the main in-store promo doesn't apply to web orders, there's usually something similar for the website a few days before or after the in-store version.

            Apparently there's $10 off every $100 coming up in two weeks (note, does not apply to fractions -- spend $150 and you'll still only get $10 off), so expect the same or similar around that time on the website. (Lately the web versions have been less enticing than in-store, though.)