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Sep 21, 2008 08:18 AM

Anyplace good in Wooster, OH?

Taking DD for college visit. Looking for something within 10-15 min of campus. Not looking for Amish chicken places, we have done plenty of that in Sugar Creek, Berlin and Holmes county. Heard there was a pretty good place on the square in downtown? What about the Inn? Any help appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Wooster Inn is connected with Wooster College and I think a lot of the service staff consists of students learning restaurant skills. The food was excellent both times I went there, and the service was quite good, although lacking the self-confidence you typically find from experienced staff. Very elegant atmosphere, traditional decor (like an old country manor).

    1. I bet the place you heard about was South Market Bistro. I think it's the only place in Wooster that gets any buzz as far away as Cleveland or Bexley.. It's good and you may feel good about eating there. Locally sourced products and all that...

      The South Market Bistro team just opened a second restaurant right across the street. They're applying the same principles - local, seasonal, scratch cooking - to a steakhouse menu. Sounds interesting. I'd check it out if I had a reason to be near Wooster.

      South Market Bistro
      151 S Market St, Wooster, OH 44691

      1. I liked the inn a lot - we chose it for dinner with the in-laws because it was halfway between Columbus & Cleveland. Quite good food at reasonable prices in a quiet, elegant setting. Make sure you print a map from I-71 because our GPS was out of date and didn't know about the new US Rt 30. Took us a while to get there!

        1. Diane,

          I am a College of Wooster alum living in Cbus. Enjoy the four years there were exceptional ones.

          For an upscale meal the South Market Bistro is by far your best bet. The Wooster Inn is nice enough...pretty setting, on campus, etc. but the food is decent at best.

          If you want to try a local legend, Coccia House has the best pizza I have ever had. I regularly make the three hour round trip up there to get a pie. It's a family-owned Italian place literally built in a house. All of the food is good to very good but the real star is the pizza. If you order a pizza be prepared for a bit of a wait. It's about a 40 min bake time, longer when busy. Coccia House is not open for lunch, open for dinner at 5pm, closed Tuesdays.

          Good luck and I hope your daughter enjoys her visit. If I can help to provide an alum's perspective I would be happy to. Let me know and I can provide an e-mail address for correspondance. I am very much an advocate.

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            MGB, thanks for your recs! We are scheduled to visit Wooster next month. DD is very leery because she has lived 1/2 her life in northern suburbs of Chicao and 1/2 her life in Cbus. Wooster seems VERY boring and small to her. We may contact you in November if she approves moving forward with the application. Thanks!

            1. re: Diane in Bexley

              Diane...I can understand her feeling that way...Wooster is not exactly a bustling metropolis. If she were to go there, though, she'd soon realize that her time would be pretty well swallowed up by school activities and studying. It's a pretty rigorous curriculum. I was not often bored in Wooster for that reason.

              Oh, and to keep this chow related...another rec I happened to think of is old, family owned Greek restaurant with pretty darn good fare. Spiros, the patriarch, is there every day taking care of his guests.

              1. re: mgb

                We happened to be in Wooster yesterday and having resurrected this thread for reference, we decided on Matsos. What a great place! Nothing fancy, but terrific Greek food. I had a spanokopita which was so delicious, crammed with feta and spinach and baked in heavenly puff pastry. My husband's souvlaka was a marvelous meal, a pita piled high with lettuce, tomatoes and beef, topped with a great yogurt/cuke dressing. Both meals came with a good Greek salad and bread. The bill was $21 for both of us. The owner is friendly and chatty, and we enjoyed meeting him.

              2. re: Diane in Bexley

                Diane, when I was at Woo TJ"s Bistro downtown was the place the 'rents always took us and I remember the food being good and the atmosphere a bit more refined than some other places. Menu was steaks, fish, etc. Anyone have any recent comments on that? Downstairs was CW Burgerstein's for casual fare. The Inn was also always reliable and charming. As MGB suggests, she is going to be busy with academics first and foremost--their reputation is well deserved. But she will also see quite an ethnic mix in the population and many, many student groups and activities. I hope she loves it!! Another bonus is that you really get to interact with your professors anytime you need them--more personal than a giant university.

                1. re: gourmanda

                  TJ's was the go to place when parents came to town for me too. Alas...a fire claimed it. Somehow CW's survived and is still there. I spent a few blurry evenings in that basement they called a bar. It's since been remodeled and is a bit nicer but going down those stairs is the same. :)

            2. I live in the Wooster area and my ex was a COW alumni. I defiantly agree with the South Market Bistro, Wooster Inn, TJs/Burgersteins, and the Coccia house is a great rec, but Matsos also deserves consideration. It doesn't look like much but Spiro Matso serves great food in a funky restaurant that has the walls covered with memorabilia from the COW Light Opera.

              The Olde Jaol is worth a mention but it is more atmosphere than great food. If you seek Amish food I would skip the Amish Door on RT-30 and make the short drive to Shreve for Der Essen Haus.

              You really need to try Hartzler's ice cream on Cleveland(RT3) road. You are probably familiar with Jeni's in C-Bus, but Hartzlers is just as good with flavors that you won't find outside of this area. They just added the fall flavors, and the cinnamon apple is amazing.

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                Thanks Kelli! Hartzlers' sounds like a great stop. We are so spoiled in Bexley. From our house, it's a 20 min walk to either Johnson's, Graeter's or Jeni's and ice cream is a big hit with the kids (especially late on Fri/Sat night) when they get the "munchies".