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Sep 21, 2008 07:41 AM

9 hour oven baked ribs

Okay, I rubbed my 4 racks of st Louis ribs with a version of Bittman's rub (salt, sugar, cumin, paprika and chile powder) and then the next day put them on foil lined cookie sheets, into the oven at 180 degrees for 9 hours! sauced them a little (with bone suckin sauce) at the end and jacked up the temp to get a glaze.
They were AMAZING-- moist, incredibly flavorful-- tender but not mushy. The best ribs I have ever had.

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  1. I am always interested in new ways to do oven-baked ribs. Niine hours in the oven uncovered? And then you put sauce on them and put them back in the oven at 180 degrees? Or did you finish them under the broiler?

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      Kept them uncovered the whole time. When I put on the sauce I jacked oven up to 500 for 10 minutes-- finishing under the broiler would have been good too, mine is just tempermental.

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        I use outdoor grills, both gas and charcoal, when I do ribs. But after 2 to 3 hours uncovered I must foil them and continue cooking, otherwise they come out on the dry side.
        Next time I might try even lower temps uncovered and see how they come out.

    2. I am loving reading about this technique. I can almost taste them since my neighbor has used the same technique of 180 degree slow cook. But, she placed ribs upon celery stalks and poured the contents of a can of pineapple juice over it before covering. Then, just four or five hours later, we had 2 racks of delicious baby back ribs.

      I can see your technique might hold the sauce to the bone a little more, thick and sticky, cloaking each rib that is so tender to fall off the bone, yet tied on with just a very slim layer of hardened broil that might lift like a toothpick and allow a taste of spicy smoke flavor that penetrated the generous flesh.

      1. I apply a dry rub, then wrap the individual racks in plastic wrap and let them sit overnight in the fridge. When I'm ready to cook, I place each rack on a large piece of foil, pour some Mexican coke over the ribs (I use almost ¾ of a small 8oz bottle for two racks of ribs), and wrap each rack securely in foil. You can also use pineapple juice, apple cider, beer, almost any liquid will do.

        I then place the racks on a cookie sheet and let them cook for 2-2.5 hours in a 350 degree oven. I don't even bother pre-heating the oven. I just put them in the stove and let them go. After they've cooked in the oven, I let them rest in the stove for about an hour after turning off the heat.

        After removing them from the oven, I cut the racks in half, place them in a pyrex dish and baste the ribs with a thin BBQ sauce (you can use the leftover coke in your BBQ sauce). I let them sit in the sauce for at least a couple of hours so they can absorb the sauce. They're actually good enough to eat after this step, but I like to finish them off on the grill before serving.

        Super easy, relatively no mess in the oven and absolutely delicious. Here's a related link that might interest you.

        1. Jeezus ... your kitchen must smell amazing. :-)

          1. I did cook mine on 180 for 9 hours and added my own rub and my own BBQ sauce-homemade, of course. Problem? Kinda dry. How do I avoid this next time? Nobody complained. I just like my meat real juicy. What did I do wrong? Help!