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Sep 21, 2008 06:56 AM

Hot and Sour Soup

Just craving a good bowl of hot and sour soup? Any faves?

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  1. Although it's a veggie option, to this day, my favourite hot and sour soup is the one at King's Cafe in Kensington Market. It never ever failed to satisfy my cravings (or colds).

    1. Asian Legend's Hot and Sour soup with shredded chicken is my favorite...Miranda

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        This was my favourite too, but then the one near Dundas/Spadina stopped shredding the chicken and left it as little chunks - not nearly as good as when they were shredding it :(

        There's a Chinese restaurant at the corner of Baldwin and McCaul which has really cheap hot and sour soup that I actually found to be quite good (I think the small container was about $3 and it was enough that I could either eat it all at once, or split into two portions). This became my favourite for a cheap hot and sour soup fix - you don't get as many interesting fillings, but I liked the consistency and flavour.

      2. My favourite is from New Ho King, on Spadina just south of College. It's really hearty, with tons of tofu and egg, and just spicy enough. I always buy a medium or a large, so I have some left over.

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          Piccola, yes, tell you the original Ho King on Dundas St. was great, only been a couple times to the New and worked well after some real Blues Music up at the Silver Dollar, been awhile Lazy Lester, then Bobby Blue Bland --- nothing bland about the New Ho King, a group can appreciate the frood!

        2. Yeuh Tung...known for its Hot and Sour Soup. 126 Elizabeth St. (Upstairs) Near Bay and Dundas

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            and its Chilli Chicken...sorry for going off topic,but could not resist adding that....

          2. New Sky has an excellent Hot & Sour Soup.

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              I agree that some of the joints listed here - Asian Legend and Yueh Tung, to be specific - do good hot and sour, though Asian Legend's version can be mediocre occasionally (I guess it depends on who's stirring the pot in the kitchen that day). But the tastiest I've run into the past six months or so is at a Thai place, Thai Plate, on Bathurst St. north of Lawrence. A bit more expensive than some of the remarkably cheap spots listed here, but you get a big, big bowl of hearty, zingy, perfectly-balanced soup.

              1. re: juno

                Couldn't agree more Juno...I LOVE Thai Plate's Hot and Sour soup...I know some folks don't think a Thai restaurant and Hot and Sour soup don't fit together but I just know their version is really yummy....

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                  Has anyone tried the Hot and Sour at Chui Chow Boy?
                  Joanne Kates raved about it for what that's worth.
                  I had lunch there and loved it but couldn't manage the soup.
                  If you go be sure to have the turnip patties w/XO.