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Dinner in Catonsville

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We are taking a dance class at UMBC sunday evenings and looking for recommendations for where to get dinner after (around 8 o'clock or so). I don't eat fish but any other type of food is okay.

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  1. I have had very good food at Catonsville Gourmet. I realize it is predominantly a seafood restaurant, but they have other items on the menu. To me, the quality of the food would overcome possibly limited choices.


    1. For Pizza or Pasta I'd highly recommend Chef Paolino's. It's very casual, if that's what you're looking for.

      1. Dimitri's International Grill has been one of our favorites (and others') for four decades. Great whether you want the Mediterranean specialties or the best Sour Beef and Dumplings in the area.

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          I definitely agree regarding Dimitri's. It would be a great dining experience for a Sunday.

          I've yet to try out Catonsville Gourmet, but the CH's have been praising the place.

          What about Ship's Cafe in Catonsville?

          There's always the Double T Diner on Route 40. And, if you are not particularly picky, Applebee's.

          Kibby's on Wilkens Avenue isn't very far from UMBC. They have decent meals--very good sour beef and dumplings.

          Matthew's 1600 on Frederick Road has some okay offerings. FoiGras

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            Applebees? There are plenty of other options before you get to that. On Rt. 40, I love the pho at Pho Nam, and that would also be a good choice for you. Or the Korean food court next to H-Mart (or the cafe inside) if you like Korean.

        2. Catonsville Gourmet would be my first choice... also traveling down to Historic Ellicott City would be a good area to hit as well. There are a lot if high end places there (Jordans and Tersiguel's) but there is also Cacao Lane and Tiber River Tavern as options. Catonsville also has G.L. Shacks (sorta family dining) and Indian Delight-which is fabulous if you like Indian Food.

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              Wow... what a difference a year makes- I moved out of Catonsville about a year ago and it was still there (or at least I think so?)... Did something take it's place?

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                It closed a few months ago (maybe even less then that), not sure if something new is there.

          1. Indian Delight on Frederick Road - SO good!

            1. Even though Catonsville Gourmet specializes in seafood, my husband had a steak there (?) and he said it was really good. I would definitely give them a try. Ship's Cafe has good crabs on occasion (I've had them several times - they have ranged from hot fresh and delicous to just ok).
              I live near Dimitri's and find it really blah. Indian Delite is ok for Indian, not great by any means, but will do if you get a craving for Indian. There's also Pho #1 in Westview, Mall Asian Court in Ellicott City, and Thai Aroma and the Korean BBQ in Lotte Plaza.
              Matthew's 1600 reminds me of Applebee's...not so good.

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                Blah about describes Dmitri's, but they do have really good fries. That's not enough to get me out there though. I think I told this story on here once, but I ordered a Tom Collins. The waitress can back and said that the bartender had no idea how to make one. I ordered something else (I forget what), and it was one of the sorriest drinks I ever had.

                Damn good fries though.

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                  That's funny about the Tom Collins. Given the number of older folks who frequent Dimitri's you would think a drink that was all the rage 50 years ago would be right in their wheelhouse. I'm guessing the bar there does 90% beer/wine and doesn't mix a whole lot of drinks based on what I see people around me drinking.