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Sep 21, 2008 06:46 AM

Outer Banks - Tomato Patch (Corolla, NC)

It is a good thing the Outer Banks are pretty, because the food generally seems to suck (see my review of the Sunset Grill in Duck for more). The Tomato Patch is but one example of the awful food I've paid for since I've been here. The Tomato Patch serves "Italian Classics, Fresh Salads, Gourmet Pizzas, etc." Now I must pause and laugh at the notion that what I tried to eat the other night was a "gourmet pizza". It was a frozen pizza shell that someone dressed in marinara sauce and cheese and then heated in an oven. It was not gourmet. It was not even good. Furthermore, I told the cashier that I would wait in the attached bar (called Dr.Unks) until the pizza was done. I asked her to let me know when it was ready. Two leisurely drinks later, we found our pizzas sitting on the counter getting cold. No one bothered to tell us they were ready. Take my advice: Unless you find some place else that makes pizza in Corolla, skip the Tomato Patch, go to the Food Lion, buy a Red Baron frozen pizza, and heat it up at your beach house. It will taste better, and if it gets cold before you eat it, you will only have yourself to blame.

P.S. Dr. Unks serves good, cheap beer, though, so I would recommend you go in there for a brew or two.

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  1. You've been eating in all the wrong places! For real food go to Blue Point, Red Sky Cafe, Meridian 42, AquaS (brand new and yummy get the soup with truffle oil - awesome), Roadside. For family fare - Black Pelican is kid friendly, Outer Banks Brewing Station, Flying Fish Grille, or even pick up some great meat at Tommy's. Sunset Grille is for drinks! Pizza Pizzaz is ok but our pick is New York Pizza around the 9.5 mile mark.

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      OH MAN! I wish I had talked to you before we left. I'm back home now, but if I go back, I will totally try some of your suggestions. In two weeks we are going to Oak Island, NC, and I hope we have better luck :-) As Jeanne suggested, I will do a little more research next time :-)

    2. If you want good pizza in Corolla then I recomend Corolla Pizza, especially in the afternoon when they sell by the slice. For other dishes I recomend Route 12 in TimBuck II by the Brew Thru. Their BBQ bacon wraped shrimp is excellent!


      1. Do a little research - there is a long thread in this section that lists many good restaurants in the Outer Banks a lot of very good recommendations.