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Sep 21, 2008 06:02 AM

Last-minute help for this morn: Does one need reservations for brunch at Dante?

Meeting some friends in Cambridge this morning around 11:30 and am not sure if they'll want just coffee or full-on brunch. If coffee, we'll probably walk over to Crema. After reading some recs for it on the boards and checking out their menu, I'm now craving Dante for brunch.

But I've never been there, not sure what kind of vibe/clientele it has. Does anyone know if one needs reservations for Sunday brunch? We'd be a party or four around noon.

And if anyone wants to talk me into or out of Dante, that would be great too :)

Thanks hounds!

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  1. Hopefully not too late, but if your friends are up for brunch at Dante, I'd say go for it. We've only been on Saturday, and it's usually pretty quiet. Sunday will probably be busier, but worth trying. You might not get a window table, but the food is wonderful, and on a crystal clear morning like this, the views will be awesome around the area.

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      Thanks--not too late at all! We're heading out now and I'll report back on where we end up :)

      1. re: butterfat

        Dante's brunch is a good value for $20 and that includes a drink. My husband's eggs Benedict looked and tasted fab. Unfortunately, I went for the surcharge on lobster salad and the lobster wasn't good at all. Obviously left over from the week and somewhat high.

        Stick to the regular items and ask for a table on the deck overlooking the Charles. We enjoyed that a lot on a beautiful fall day.

        1. re: SSqwerty

          Update: it was such a nice day on Sunday that we decided to walk to brunch rather than drive, which limited us to Harvard Square-ish territory, so we ended up at Grafton Street. Food was blah but it served the purpose of being a nice relaxing place to catch up with friends.

          I REALLY want to try brunch at Dante--maybe next weekend. I love the 3-course prix fixe idea. I hate having to choose just 1 or 2 things at brunch!

          Good to know on the lobster front--I probably would have gone for it. There's nothing worse than sub-standard lobster.