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Sep 20, 2008 09:16 PM

Late Night Eats in the West End


Can anyone reccommend any restaurants open late in the west end?
I'm having difficulty trying to find restaurants other than the usual like McDonalds that is open later than midnight.

Thanks in advance for your reccommendations.

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  1. Mmm how west? I know Shanghai Cowgirl is a fun little diner that's up to midnight most nights up to 4AM Sat/Sun. Tequila Bookworm is a nice cafe serving sandwiches and such (also free wifi) open 'till 11 and 1AM on Fri/Sat. Both are between Spadina and Bathurst on Queen W...

    1. Boungee in Korea Town is open 24 hours.

      Craft Burger by King/Portland...

      1. Far West(Mississauga) has Tremendous for Cantonese and dim sum till 4a.m. Worthwhile just to see who staggers in at 2!