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Sep 20, 2008 08:43 PM

Yokozuna's experience

My first year university student had eaten at the campus location Yokozuna's earlier in the week and recommended that our family go there for supper this evening. The restaurant is quite small but nicely decorated and esthetically pleasing. The place was about half full when we arrived but soon after two large groups came and were seated in those little separate rooms with cushions.

The polite young waitress took our order promptly. Three of the four of us ordered a combination plate and my husband decided on a chicken teriyaki tappen. Three of us received soup, which we thought was because we had the combination plate. When all of us where almost finished, my husbands soup was brought to the table. He had tasted my son's and hadn't cared for it so he simply declined when it came, as the rest of us were finishing up. Soon after, three of our four meals came. My husband's tappen hadn't come and we thought maybe since it was different then the rest of ours it would be a little late. However, we waited and waited. The waitress came once and asked if everything was allright, and noticing my husband didn't have his meal, said it would be out shortly. So we waited somemore and another waitress came by, is everything o.k? But quickly ran off before we could reply. Finally, after all of us were almost done, my daughter waved down the waitress asking if the other meal would ever arrive. She came back and said it would be about 8 minutes. We said that's o.k. just forget it as we were ready to go. They did offer us some vegetable tempura and ice cream to make up for forgetting the meal, but we were ready to go by this time.

So, needless to say, it wasn't the best dining experience we've had. Our overall impression was that the food was very expensive for what you get. The service was polite but somewhat disorganized, and sadly, the food we had was not all that enjoyable. The sushi rolls were some of the worst that we've had.(Although, we haven't had a ton of Japanese food) The food we've had a Mikado and Kyoto has been much better. I don't think we will return.

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  1. happyeats:

    I think I will give Yokozuna a "pass"....offering veggie tempura and ice cream in an effort to make up for a missing meal does not "cut it"....I guess it is not your husband's favourite spot

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Bob Mac:

      Yes, it wasn't the greatest but maybe we just ordered the wrong things,too. And they were really busy with those two huge parties of people. But,we are in no hurry to return. We are from out of town, but 2 of our kids go to the U of A so we do try and go out for a meal once in a while. Do you have any suggestions of kind of casual, different restaurants that offer tasty food? We have recently been to viphaly, sofra's, and the Keg. Thanks

      1. re: alau2

        Yes it is, and I believe there is 3 locations. As a big fan of sushi, and a regular at other sushi establishments, it wasn't until recently I actually went to Yokozuna. Oddly enough, I went for the lunch there twice in the same week and found the experience average. I think I was disappointed most by the small lunch menu, as I was craving more items. I would go back and try the supper menu but only if a dining companion specifically wanted to visit.

      2. go to the one off Whitemud. We've always enjoyed sushi there.

        1. Lately, my family has had the same experiences. Lousy food, lousy service, and overpriced. After 3 consecutive poor experiences, I think my dad has finally said "enough". We were staples for years. Riverbend, and Whitemud Crossing. I believe the words we uttered last time was "never again".

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          1. re: yen

            This is really true of Chinese resturants. mom said the same thing "enough"
            So disappointing...