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Sep 20, 2008 08:31 PM

# 3 nights at Sunset Plaza

My partner and I are staying for 3 nights at the Sunset Plaza (next to Sunset Tower) Any recommendations for some places for lunch and dinner would be appreciated. Within a reasonable (15 minute) walk would be great. We're more interested in good food rather than a trendy spot.


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  1. Jinpachi on Santa Monica for sushi. Great lunch and dinner.

    8711 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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      Definitely get desert here if you go, as their desert chef (and coincidentally the owner's wife) is AMAZING. She apparently worked at Spaggo for sometime, and a few other places which escape my memory for the moment.

      1. I've eaten at Yatai several times; everything is delish.
        Nice patio area, too.

        Yatai Izakaya
        8535 Sunset Blvd
        1/2 blk west of La Cienega
        Closed: Sun
        Lunch: M-F 12-3PM
        Dinner: M-Thur 6-11PM
        Dinner: Fri-Sat 6-11:30PM

          1. You're right near Il Sole, which isn't too trendy, but is a nice place.

            Yes it's trendy, but you're near good sushi at Katana.

            Mirabelle is on Sunset too.

            You might also consider taking a cab down to La Cienaga, where there's a plethora of good eats. :)