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# 3 nights at Sunset Plaza

My partner and I are staying for 3 nights at the Sunset Plaza (next to Sunset Tower) Any recommendations for some places for lunch and dinner would be appreciated. Within a reasonable (15 minute) walk would be great. We're more interested in good food rather than a trendy spot.


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  1. Jinpachi on Santa Monica for sushi. Great lunch and dinner.

    8711 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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      Definitely get desert here if you go, as their desert chef (and coincidentally the owner's wife) is AMAZING. She apparently worked at Spaggo for sometime, and a few other places which escape my memory for the moment.

      1. I've eaten at Yatai several times; everything is delish.
        Nice patio area, too.

        Yatai Izakaya
        8535 Sunset Blvd
        1/2 blk west of La Cienega
        Closed: Sun
        Lunch: M-F 12-3PM
        Dinner: M-Thur 6-11PM
        Dinner: Fri-Sat 6-11:30PM

          1. You're right near Il Sole, which isn't too trendy, but is a nice place.

            Yes it's trendy, but you're near good sushi at Katana.

            Mirabelle is on Sunset too.

            You might also consider taking a cab down to La Cienaga, where there's a plethora of good eats. :)

            1. Wilma: yinyangdi has the right idea...Yatai is within walking distance (a short walk, in fact), and is excellent food and service.

              1. While it may be considered trendy because it turns into a club at 10:00, I had a very good dinner at One Sunset last night. I really enjoyed the turkey meatballs, shrimp and lobster quesadilla, and the beef tenderloin with crab on potato cakes with bernaise.

                1. Thanks to everyone for their recommendations. We had no shortage of great choices for dinner. We enjoyed Vivoli at Sunset and Laurel so much that we went twice. Awesome tuna carpaccio and excellent gnocchi.

                  1. Have to disagree on Yatai. Vivoli however is one of my Sunset staples, glad you got to experience it!