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Sep 20, 2008 08:19 PM

8 hour drive on the I-5..anything good to eat?

Anything good to eat, that is quick and good for the long 8 hour drive tomorrow from Oakland/SD..besides fast food?

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  1. Well, no. There really isn't anthing until you get to the San Fernando Valley. I would plan to eat right before you leave and then stretch it about 5 hours until you eat next. By then, you can find many many places to eat.

    I am not all that familiar with the San Fernando Valley (do a search?), but there are alot of places to eat in Glendale, CA. Take the 134 from the I-5. It is not more than 2 miles off I-5 and easy reconnection to the I-5 via the 134 after you eat.
    Do a search on the Los Angeles CH board for restaurants in Glendale. Most will be around Brand Blvd if you need to look at a map. Burbank is another option as some restaurants can be as close as 1/2 mile from the freeway.
    Don't know what time of day or I would start making suggestions.

    I'd suggest New Dragon restaurant in Chinatown also, but don't want you to get lost (though it's within 1 mile of the I-5, the roads are confusing). It would give you a nice place to walk around for a minute before continuing on to San Diego.

    To eat earlier, maybe follow this thread

    Or, follow results when I did a serach for Brent's Deli (in San Fernando Valley)


    Not alot of notice on the board for this, or you may get more suggestions before tomorrow. But, I hope so.

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    1. re: kc girl

      With all due respect, to say "No" is taking the easy way out.

      If the OP is up some some hounding, there is so much available! Depends on the time of day, etc.

      This following thread by RWORANGE deserves to be a sticky at the top of this board, for all the I-5 queries that are posted here! (does anyone search anymore?) It is a classic, with people coming out of the woodwork mapping tasty alternatives to chain gut-bombs.

      Here is a link to chow in Avenal, located west of Fresno along 5:

      Please take notes, and report back on what you find. This thread will only get better.

      1. re: toodie jane

        Exacto, Toodie. As you said, it depends on the time of day. I was assuming the OP would not be needing to eat 1-1/2 to 2 hours after initially embarking on the road trip. And, certainly I was not thinking of her return trip from San Diego back to Oakland.

        I have not eaten in Fresno area, so could not recommend or know the hours open on a Sunday. I have driven the I-5 to Oakland maybe once a year and appreciate knowing your instant list.

        I really shouldn't have said no and then offered places in the San Fernando Valley to eat. A "no" sometimes gets people to stop reading and they would have missed all the recs once in Los Angeles County that I offered and know well.

        I was thinking OP could drive about five hours before eating and stretching the legs.

    2. Or go over and take the 101 instead...............

      for starts/ Lots of info on this board on that topic--not encouraging !
      Good luck...........

      1. Thank's all..
        from Napa to SD took a total of 7 hours..ate in Burbank at a Greek was good.
        took the 1 all the way up and ate at some great places..Sierra Mar was stunning!
        not much on I-5 except fast food that I could see..