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Sep 20, 2008 07:45 PM

J L Ivy in Princeton

I had a very bad experience here tonight. We were told there was a 25min wait, after 50 minutes we were finally seated. The time was about 8:40pm. It took awhile to get bread. The waiter didtake our order rather quickly although it was about an hour to receive the food. The waiter made some kind of excuse that the chef was too busy. It was Sat night etc.... Then another excuse was that they were only open 90 days and still were ironing out the kinks. Bottom line is that they dont have enough help, and the restaurant is poorly managed. 2hrs and some minutes later we finally were done with dinner. We wont be back anytime soon. The food was average, and overpriced!

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  1. Michelep, welcome to Chowhound! I see this is your first post.

    Based on an earlier discussion, it seemed J L Ivy was improving after a less than stellar opening.

    Your comments suggest strongly that they still don't have their act together. The Saturday night delays don't concern me (I seldom, if ever, frequent restaurants on a Saturday night) but I certainly am not interested in average, overpriced food!