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Sep 20, 2008 07:11 PM

good hot mustard

looking for some tasty hot mustard ,i like the heat of keens ,but all the other "hot mustards are weak.any good brands out there,can i get any of those tasty brands in calgary?thanx in advance

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  1. howlin:

    I like Keen's and Colemans hot mustards either prepared or the dry to which one adds water or vinegar.

    At present I have a jar of hot English Mustard from Australia's Master Foods in my fridge for that clear out your sinuses touch with cold roast beef or ham....I have a friend who travels to Oz fairly regularly and that is what he brings least it was not vegemite....

    I am in Edmonton so expect some of the "foodie" stores in Calgary will carry the various brands....between the Asian variety at T & T or European deli's. I often check the shelves at the Italian Centre here so the equivalent in Calgary probably stocks some eastern European options as Spinelli's does here.... if I could just find some good horseradish that would continue to retain its kick

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      thanx for that ,i find elmans is not to bad horseradish,has a nice bite to it and almosts tastes like my homemade

      1. re: howlin


        Not sure if I have tried Elmans....occasionally the Beaver brand product from Oregon has been current favourite is the extra hot label from Tosca

        Mind you, the horseradish mayo from President's Choice is probably the hottest but am not sure how much of that is "natural"....

        1. re: Bob Mac

          elmans and pc i find pretty close,elmans is in coop around the meats fish section,they change places alot and i usually have to search for it,then i stock up so i wont have to look again for a while

    2. Beaver Jalapeño Mustard is my favorite, its the best (and hottest) I have found in Calgary.

      The nice warm kick of Jalapeños goes great with mustard however...I can not find it anymore!

      It used to be available intermittently at co-op, but not this year.
      Please please please tell me if you know where its available.

      For now I'm using French's horseradish mustard (also very good, but a very different hot than jalapeño)

      1. Get to one of the European Import stores and find some good mustard.

        German variety that is my favorite is the Thomy Extra Sharf. Theres also a great polish variety but for the life of me I can't remember the name....

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          We bought some mustard at Cookbook Co- it's a French brand sold in a big glass jar with one those hermetic lids- that blows my head open. In fact I don't care for it, too strong, but it's exactly like the scharf Senf I had in Germany this spring.

        2. Try Zeron

          I have not seen it in Calgary, but you can order from their webside. They make quality products, but quality does not come cheap.