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Sep 20, 2008 05:11 PM

Verrill Farms store lost to fire

A Saturday afternoon fire has destroyed the farm stand store at Verrill Farm, 11 Wheeler Road, Concord.

Firefighters from at least six departments responded to the blaze that engulfed the roof of the farm stand, a landmark in Concord for those looking for locally grown food, prepared meals, and deli produce.

Candace McDonnell, a deli employee, said the fire started above the deli.

She said a fellow employee, Mario Fingers, tried to extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher.

“Poor Mario, he tried,” McDonnell said. “He was so brave. Balls of fire just kept on coming down on him.”

McDonnel said that when the fire just kept getting worse, everyone evacuated the building.

“We just watched it burn,” she said.

Reports from the scene indicate employees and customers got out safely and there are no injuries to report.

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  1. Just got this news and came here to report. Quite a loss for all.

    1. How awful! If they set up a temporary location or sell through another outlet and any CHers know the details, please keep us updated. Haven't been in a year and was planning on going there tomorrow for their huge variety of heirloom tomatoes.

      1. How sad. I know the farm community will support them any way they can and I'm sure all the customers who have enjoyed their quality and hospitality will also be there to help in whatever way they can.

        My sympathy to the family and staff and it's good than no one was hurt.

        1. I just saw the story on the news. What a wonderful place and how very sad. I hope they get back up and running. My thoughts to everyone from VF.

          1. How horrible. Thanks for letting us know, capeanne. My mother is visiting from CA next week, and we were planning our annual country eating tour: clams and onion rings at Dairy Joy, ice cream at Kimball's, and Verrill Farms to pick up corn and tomatoes for dinner. I'm glad we didn't find out when driving up. I hope for their sake and ours they find another way to sell retail, but maybe it's too late in the season and they'll wait until next year. I hope anyone with further news will post.

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              Should have credited the new story It was on web from Wicked Local