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Sep 20, 2008 04:48 PM

Hong Kong Peking Duck - But not the whole duck?

When I visited HK last year, my vegetarian wife humored me and joined me to watch me eat some Peking Duck. What turned into a problem was the fact that the restaurant we went to only served it as a whole duck. It was great going down as I ate about a half a duck, and we took the leftovers back to the minibar fridge in our hotel.

It was not so great coming back up, as the experience turned into a binge and purge situation later that day. I guess it was richer with the skin and fat than the mere quantity suggested.

I've only ever seen restaurants offering the quacker as a whole bird. We're returning to HK next month, and I was wondering if there's any restaurants that offer worthwhile Peking Duck in "serving portions" rather than all or nothing.

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  1. I seriously doubt it!! Its almost like trying to order a quarter section of a hamburger.

    1. Not in HK I think... but possible in Beijing at specialty restaurants.

      1. No luck. Peking duck is almost always served as the whole duck. An alternative might be visiting a buffet at a hotel that serves Peking duck. I went to the Intercontinental dinner buffet, and they served Peking duck. They carved the duck and served two pieces each time. So, that may be an alternative option.

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          Yes! Great idea! A number of hotel buffet's do serve Peking duck! In addition to the Intercontinental, if my memory serves me right, the Langham in MongKok also have it