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Sep 20, 2008 01:00 PM

Italian Hot Dog in Ocean City

We stopped at the Hot Dog Hut today. I finaly got to try an Italian Hot Dog. They are not easy to find in South Jersey, but the owner of the HDH is from Newark and has her dogs (BEST all beef) and the pizza bread, delivered from Newark every day. The sandwich was delicious. Lots of sauted onions, peppers and potatoes. The roll was fresh and the hotdog very flavorful. I think this is the first establishment were I have been served a Best dog.

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  1. Nice picture, Chris! It's unusual to find an authentic Italian Hot Dog outside of Essex and Union Counties. JoJo's in Toms River and Jersey Joe's in Port Monmouth are 2 that come to mind. The Hot Dog Hut may indeed be the furthest place south where you can get one. Judging from the picture, it seems that they use good sturdy pizza bread. And they certainly don't skimp on the peppers. I'll definitely stop in when I'm down that way.

    1. FYI
      Hot Dog Hut is a seasonal operation. It will be open weekends until the 2nd weekend in October. After that she will play it by ear.

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        Sounds good, Chris..
        What's the address of the place? Is it on the boardwalk?

        from ellen4641, your Roadfood buddy!

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          It's on 33rd between Asbury and Central