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Sep 20, 2008 12:57 PM

Making sauerkraut with extra juice?

Much to my family's chagrin I love sauerkraut. Raw, cooked, simmered in Polish soups, in salads, any way I can get it. And what I really like the most is drinking the raw sauerkraut juice.

A few years ago I started making my own kraut from scratch but it always has only enough juice to finish packing the jars. I have just finished packing a 5 gallon crock with 4 gallons of fresh cabbage. I would like to add some extra brine to increase the juice in the finished product. Looking around the net I see recipes for adding extra juice anywhere from 1 tsp./quart of water to 3 tablespoons/quart.

Does anyone have experience making fresh kraut and an idea as to the correct salt/water ratios?

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  1. I've only made sauerkraut a couple times, but I'm under the impression that the salt ratio is pretty flexible. How about tasting the brine that you get from your cabbage, and then trying out different ratios to match the saltiness?

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      How about adding a bottle of dry white wine? Like a sauturne.
      We have done this for years when we made kraut.