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Sep 20, 2008 10:41 AM

Quick Vote: JKWB, Cava, Rain, Monsoon

I have read all the reviews on here about these restaurants, but want to get a feeling of how the general public feels.

Suppose someone will pay for your meal at ONE of these restaurants tonight (only one of these four, absolutely no other choices), which one would you choose?

JK Wine Bar, Cava, Rain, Monsoon

You don't even have to give an explanation, I have a feeling of the pros and cons, I guess.

Thanks so much!!!!

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      1. re: torontogourmet

        FYI, we went there last week. Must be our 6th or 7th visits. Compare to our previous visits, food has gone 'down hill'!! Actually a few dishes completely missed their mark! Too salty, overcooked, funny aroma...etc

        Back to Singar's question. Rain! - Especially now that Susur has left town

          1. re: mlukan

            JKWB or Cava. I know Singar's only asked for one but truth is, I've not been to any of the four. JKWB and Cava have at least been on my list for some time, the other two I have no interest in whatsoever.