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Sep 20, 2008 10:20 AM

I brought beets

Hi all. I was inspired by some of you all who said they loved roasting beets. Well I brought some today and now I dont know what to do what them....HELP!?

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  1. To roast: Peel and cut into chunks. Toss with a small amount of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast at 400F for about half an hour.

    I actually prefer my beets steamed whole, then peeled under running water (the skins slip right off in your fingers) and served sliced, warm or room temperature, with vinaigrette. Each to his own -- I hope you enjoy yours! Looking forward to seeing other suggestions.

    1. I don't peel my beets before roasting and depending upon size, can take 30 to 60 minutes in an over of 350F to 400F.
      I also wrap mine in tin foil to do the steaming thing. It's easy to peel them after roasting.
      I love slicing them and doing a stack of beet, goat cheese napoleon kind of thing with honeyed walnuts/pecans.

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      1. re: Nonny

        If roasting without peeling first shouls i cover it in water or just season with olive oil, salt & pepper?

        1. re: buzz t

          when roasting without peeling, just wash them and wrap them in foil. after roasting, the skin will slip right off. then you can use them in salads or as a side dish, seasoning as you wish. I like mine sliced in a potato, hard cooked egg, red onion, and green bean salad with a bit of oil, mayo, salt and pepper.

          1. re: nolanani

            Should I wrap them individually or put them in a tray and just cover with foil? Also should i season them beofre roasting or wait till after they are cooked and I have peeled them? Thanks.

      2. I've been roasting mine whole on the grill, unpeeled, unfoiled on the cooler section of the grill, usually while cooking something else on the hot side. I want to try wrapping with foil, with thyme inside as I recently heard from someone.

        I like roasted beets as a side dish plain, or cold on all sorts of salads. My favorite simple salad is spinach, beet slices, pine nuts and goat cheese, and have been using Trader Joe's walnut pear viniagrette, or a raspberry viniagrette. I know I'm spelling viniagrette wrong, I'm too tired to look it up. I also enjoyed my beet, fennel and orange slaw that I put on another post.

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        1. re: scuzzo

          How long does it take doing it on the grill unwrapped?

          1. re: buzz t

            45 to an hour depending on size. Just give 'em a sqeeze and if hard, leave them on longer.

        2. I peel mine before roasting, cut into bite size chunks (I think they roast faster this way), and lay on top of a bed of fresh lemongrass, drizzle garlic olive oil and sea salt over them, and finally wrap tight in foil and place on grill (usually with a chicken I'm roasting). The lemongrass infuses them with a wonderful flavor while keeping them from getting burned from the high heat of the grill. This is my favorite way to make beets. (Toss the lemongrass after roasting.)

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          1. re: Jen76

            Very cool! You could probably use other aromatics this way too, and just toss 'em afterward. Neat idea.

          2. I just roasted some beets the other day. I wash them, drizzle with some olive oil and wrapped all 4 in some foil (leaving some room for steaming). It took about an hour roasting them at 350.

            I peeled after they cooled and made beet/ricotta ravioli! YUM!

            You can also steam them as well. I dont season before I steam though...