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Sep 20, 2008 10:17 AM

Loire Valley & Burgundy

We will be in France next week, first in the Loire, near Chenonceaux, and then in Burgundy, in Puligny-Montrachet. We are looking for restaurant suggestions for dinner in both, as well as a suggestion for a good lunch en route between the two. Not on the order of Michelin 2 or 3 star "wow" places, but good food in a comfortable setting. Thanks.

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  1. In Monrachet the hotel called Le Monrachet is good, it is comfortable and the food is fine. It has a nice terrace overlooking the square but it may be a bit chilly now.

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      Phil D, thank you so much for recommending Le Montrachet. We ate there last night and it was quite good. Room was lovely, food was excellent, and service attentive. We ordered from the 4-course Menu, which was 58 pp. It was too cool to sit outside, but otherwise exactly what we'd hoped for.

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        I am glad it met your needs. Last week I read on another site that it had changed owners, and the food was much more intricate and as a result it had lost some of its charm. From your report it sounds as though it is still good if you are in the area.

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          Phil, Thierry and Suzanne still own Le Montrachet as well as La Chouette, a 6 room B&B half a block south. Thierry manages the hotel & restaurant and Suzanne the B&B. Up until 7 years ago the both were at the hotel. What you may have heard is that they are building a rather large addition to the hotel. This could mean that they brought on a partner.

          The B&B is lovely with large rooms and has the same prices as the hotel.

    2. Le Bon Laboureur in Chenonceaux is excellent, and within sight of the chateau.

      1. Thanks for input. Le Montrachet looks perfect for dinner one evening. For lunch in Beaune, I am torn between Ma Cuisine and Loiseau des Vignes. Any views out there?

        Also, besides Le Bon Laboureur, in the Loire, we are considering: L'Orangerie du Chateau du Blois, and Le Fleuray. Also Hotel du Grand Vate in Vouvray. I'd appreciate comments on those choices, or alternatives.

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          I am not familiar with the others you mention, but I have been to Le Bon Laboreur a few times and wholeheartedly agree with the above recommendation. I also loved the Chateau de Rochecotte near Langeais.

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            I was in Blois last week and had a lovely lunch at Le Bistrot du Cuisinier. Report is here:


          2. I can heartily recommend De L'Ecole in Pontlevoy, a small town northeast of Chenonceaux and Montrichard. It's a Michelin Bib Gourmand, and we've eaten well there on at least 3 separate trips to the area. I would have recommended Le Cheval Blanc in Blere, but I read that it's recently changed ownership so I have no idea whether the quality is the same -- it used to be wonderful.