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Sep 20, 2008 10:08 AM

Where can I find a good and authentic Banh Mi?

My co-worker introduced me to the Banh Mi sandwich for the first time. I live in DTLB and I'm trying to avoid driving all the way to Santa Ana just for a sandwich. Will someone please recommend a good place in the surrounding LB or LA area.

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  1. You don't have to drive all the way to Santa Ana, you can find some Vietnamese places in Westminster/Garden Grove. But, as far as locally, there are several places on and near Anaheim Blvd. that are fast food Cambodian but also have the sandwiches (Lily's Bakery and My Le), but my favorite is Baguette Paris, also on Anaheim, as they actually make the bread on site there. You can also try Babette's, but not the one on 2nd St. They sold that location and the original owners still have a location on Atlantic in which they make Banh Mi's as well.

    Baguette Paris
    2142 E Anaheim St
    Long Beach, CA 90804
    (562) 930-0639

    1404 Atlantic Ave
    Long Beach, CA, 90813
    (562) 218-8877

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      Lee's Sandwiches has many locations, not sure in LB though

      1. re: noshie

        Well, Lee's is good as a substitute until you can find something better.

        To the OP -- get on the 22, get off at Magnolia, make a right, and on the SE corner of Hazard is Banh Mi Cho Cu. It's a 10-15 minute drive from Belmont Shore. No need to come all the way to Santa Ana -- in point of fact I can't think of a single banh mi shop in Santa Ana.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          I knew you would point the OP out to good spots in OC. There is not a Lee's in LB and the 2 places I mentioned are far better than Lee's, especially bread-wise.

      2. re: justagthing

        i also really like the special banh mi at lily's on Anaheim.

      3. How about any Banh Mi in LA? Not SGV, OC?

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          There are quite a few places along Valley Blvd in the San Gabriel Valley, including I think a Lee's.

        2. Sandwich Express in Reseda. 18575 Sherman Way. They have about 12 to choose from and a whole steam table of other goodies. I like the ice coffee too.

          1. On Valley Blvd in the SGV I like Mr. Baguette for both the grilled chicken and regular chicken banh mi. It is across the street from Lee's, which is fine (and at a cost of what, $3 at Lee's, you might as well get both and throw the one you don't like as much away.

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              I like Lee's better, mostly because I don't like how Mr. Baguette wraps their daikon, carrot and jalapeno separately (and it is always too little for me, I always have to get extra separately), but Mr. Baguette is better for taking on a plane trip.