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Sep 20, 2008 09:40 AM

ISO Oil Barrel Grill for Heavy Duty Grilling

Hi folks:

Hoping someone can't point me in the right direction here. Does anyone know of a grilling store in Manhattan (or outer borough) where I can find an Oil Barrel Grill? Alternately looking for a flat grill that can be placed over a fire pit.


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  1. Grilling or Barbequeing in Manhattan has to be a challenge. My first smoker was a Oil Barrel; eventually, the leg connection to the barrell woar out but I don't bbq in Manhattan (but i did start my bbq carrer on a terrace on the 22nd floor of a Queen's apt). I have attached a web address which is a great place for anything regarding bbq; you should be able to find a source for both requests. I am sorry but I don't recall where I purchased my "oil barrel".

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      1. A grill that lasts longer and is more heavy duty is made from a truck wheel. It is deep; the slots let in air. Get one at a car junk/parts yard. You need a welder to make it some legs. Saw these in Uganda.

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          That's a great idea! I had a Brinkmann barrel grill that rusted through in 7 years. Plus, it produced a nasty petrol smell when I used it for smoking.