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Sep 20, 2008 09:35 AM

Bistros with Mussels and Steak Frites

I have recently moved to Austin from Washington, D.C. One of my favorite things about D.C. is its plethora of French/Belgian bistros serving great mussels and steak frites, which made finding a place for a weekday night out very easy. I was just wondering if there are any such places in Austin that are worth checking out.

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    1. For mussels and fries, I really like Enoteca Vespaio on South Congress. I have also had the mussels at Bess, right when it first opened, and thought they were really good. As for steak frites, I haven't had really great steak frite in Austin. You might check out Chez Nous? It's a nice little French place with great food and really good prices.

      If worst comes to worst, you can get some lovely steaks at Whole Foods Market and make your own from Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook. I've done it and been really pleased with the results.

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        The Les Halles cookbook is really great. I've been working my way through it this year and have yet to have a let down.

        Parkside on 6th has both of those those things in a more casual atmosphere than an Olivia or something of that level.

        Chez Nous probably has some of what mkbrew is looking for as well, but I can't vouch for their food at the moment.

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          If you're going to make mussels at home, I think the best deal for mussels is at Central Market. Great quality, good price.

        2. Zax Pints and Plates. I had the mussels on Sunday and they were wonderful! Hubs said the best he had ever!