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Sep 20, 2008 09:07 AM

OT: NOLA Serving/Bartending Jobs Question


I am moving to NOLA in October and have a question for any servers/bartenders there:

I have restaurant experience (5+ years ago however) up here in the northeast, and I've never been asked for "salary requirements" - we just got paid a minimum wage salary and lived off the tips.

But perusing the various employment sections of all the NOLA restaurant sites, all of the application forms have a "Salary Requirement" section. Whats the story with this?

Do y'all typically get paid a salary + tips? What is a fair "salary requirement" for someone looking to get back into the business?

Thank you for the response.

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  1. I work in the French Quarter and used to work at a restaurant Uptown. Many of my friends work as servers and bartenders so this response is based on personal experience and their experiences. Unfortunately nearly all servers get paid $2.13 an hour in this city (this probably goes for the whole state, given the state law allowing such) plus tips. Depending on the bar/restaurant, established clientel, business you bring in, etc. bartenders will sometimes get "shift pay" plus tips and a cut of the waiters' tips/sales. This is probably the part that is salary negotiable based on experience and other factors. Good luck!

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      Thanks for the reply - this is what I am used to, and what I was expecting - which is why the "salary requirement" question was confusing!

      Thanks again.

    2. Mostly it is to get an idea of how much you expect to make. If you are expecting 1000/week from a bistro they will probably tell you to think again. Mostly this section is for kitchen people.