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Sep 20, 2008 08:29 AM

2nd date between 40th and 20th, East Side

Hey all

I need a reco for a good 2nd date spot on the east side in the 20s-40s. We attempted to go to Asia de Cuba on the first, but the hostess was so snotty we ended up at Blue Smoke instead. Something fairly nice but not too... I don't know, romantic? It's only the 2nd date, after all. :)


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  1. Any preferences with regard to cuisines? Also, what about budget?

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    1. re: RGR

      Artisanal might be's a brasserie type feel so not too romantic but the food is delicious imho!

    2. ilili might fit the bill. It's on 5th between 27th & 28th.

      1. For a trendy vibe and "safe" cuisine choice, Bar Milano. For more low-key, perhaps Ali Baba, solid Turkish on E. 34th? Not trendy at all but really delicious and still lively atmosphere - I would love it if a date invited me here. You might look into Bread Bar at Tabla for Indian-influenced American food, right off Mad Sq Park. From one single girl (assuming by your user ID) to another, good luck!! :-)

        1. I like Giorgio's of Gramercy....the food is good and the service is friendly. It is a casual place that is never too loud. I know of a corner table where you end up being seated next to each other, maybe you could call the restaurant and ask for that specific table.

          1. pipa in gramercy is a good spot. depending on what kind of vibe you want this place has a little more of a vibe then the other recommendations...which are all yummy as well.

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              ooh, pipa is good. and i think they also have a few table where you can sit next to each other or at least pretty close to each other. the lighting is good for dates also - kind of dark, but in a good way. and then go to flatiron lounge for drinks afterwards, where you can definitely sit next to each other :)