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Sep 20, 2008 07:52 AM

Quiet bars

My husband and I live in University City. We like to go out for the occasional cocktail, and bars we've enjoyed range from dives to classy. But the decibel level in lots of bars has become increasingly loud--or are we just getting old? I know there are places we could go during the week or early that wouldn't be noisy....yet. Any suggestions for relatively quiet bars we could go for a drink on a Friday or Saturday night?

Our favorite Philadelphia bar right now is the Sidecar, which we love but suspect would be loud on the weekends. We're willing to travel and explore, though!

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  1. We're probably just getting old. ;)

    If you head east of the Sidecar, there's Chick's Wine Bar at 7th and Kater, and Pat Bombino's at 9th and Catherine. Going north, there's The Cafe at 2011 Walnut Street. Caribou Cafe on Walnut near 11th, although they sometimes have live jazz, is still relatively easy on the ears.

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      I second Chick's wholeheartedly, It is my favorite bar in the city, Amazing cocktails, great food and romantic atmosphere. I would also add Southwark for classic cocktails, Dark Horse/ Black Sheep for a pub atmosphere and Xochitl for killer margaritas to the list. I also live in this neck of the woods so my bias is clear.

    2. If a "bar" isn't busy on a Friday or Saturday night then they won't be in business very long. I'd try restaurant bars instead. I used to go to Le Bar Lyonnaise (downstairs at Le Bec Fin). Very quiet and surprisingly interesting mature people.

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        third chick's - it's a cool place.

        chinon is right... sometimes i'll go to hotel bars which can be fun. sole food is spread out enough that you can hear yourself think in your own little space (we try to sit to the far left as you walk in) though it's not cheap, and our service was downright atrocious friday night. i like the ritz carlton bar on broad even better, but i can't attest to it on a fri/sat night.

        1. re: rabidog

          The Ritz Carlton is a beautiful place to have a drink and not that noisy I think. Haven't seen it since it's makeover though. All I know is that the candlelight, comfy chairs and couches, and Miles playing softly overhead make for one sexy, romantic place to snuggle with a drink and your lover.

          After their redo at XIX, their lounge/bar is beautiful and quite sexy but alas, not a quiet place by any means. The bar at Barclay Prime is beautiful, quiet and quite sexy/romantic as well. Another very romantic and sexy place for a drink is the lounge at Tangerine but this HAS to be done on an off night as it is packed and noisy on weekends. On a week night though? Quite a nice place to be.

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            yep, still is beautiful! a little bit historic mixed with a little bit modern. i LOVE the ambiance there. the bartenders are super-professional and make some powerful drinks as well. and for being right in the heart of center city and near the train stations as well - that's not bad!!

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              Good to hear! You could film a very romantic movie scene in that place. I agree wholeheartedly with you rabidog, for being in the center of everything and for being as big as it is, it is, IMHO, one of the nicest places to have a drink at in the entire city. And the service is always top-notch as well!

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