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Sep 20, 2008 07:01 AM

Authenthetic indian cuisine - But where?

I'm in the process of planning a quiet night out with my wife. We both decided that we'd like to eat indian/pakistani cuisine tonight.

We live in Duvernay (Laval) and have tried Tandoori Xpress, on Concorde, a few times and have always enjoyed their cuisine. However, we're looking for another location to try.

We wouldn't mind driving downtown or to the West Island if Indian/Pakistani restaurant prepares authenthetic cuisine with a RELAXING atmosphere. We are not strong on alcohol so a BYOB establishment isn't important, but do not wish to spend more than $70-$80 on a meal. I enjoy eating lamb and would appreciate a restaurant that knows how its done properly.

Phone number and/or address would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. On the West Island, Shahi Palace dishes up great Pakistani food. The decor is minimalist and whether or not it's relaxing depends on the other customers. Since it's halal and popular, there can be a big rush shortly after sunset during Ramadan. For a discussion, see

    Excellent dosas and other southern Indian fare can be had a block or two north on Sources at Bombay Choupati. The atmosphere there is calmer, quieter and a little more refined than at Shahi Palace.

    HungryAnn has said positive things about Laval's Masala Mantram. Maybe she'll chime in with details and other suggestions.

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      Thank you for your input on this Carswell. Much appreciated!

    2. Indeed, I do recommend Masala Mantram. The setting is lovely and zen-like; way better than all my other indian haunts which are holes-in-the-wall (but I love them). The food is more refined and delicate. The owner is very knowledgeable about indian cuisine, an accomplished cook/?chef and overall great guy, even though his English is lacking. I think you will enjoy the lamb balti but everything I have had there was excellent. Please let us know where you end up.

      1. India Curry House and Bombay Mahal on Jean Talon both have the enthusiastic approval of my recently emigrated friends from India. Although the butter chicken at India Curry House was a bit off the other day.

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          Yeah, I have noticed that too on a couple of occasions; the meat was really gristly and the sauce less unctuous.